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Exclusive BTS photos from Zipel CF shoot

With recent news that 3,500 SeungGi-endorsed Zipel fridges sold in one month, LSG’s Samsung Zipel CF and marketing are still getting a lot of attention and love.  Hankook Ilbo got some exclusive Behind-the-Scenes photos from the CF shoot and released them today.  Didn’t know LSG was really into photography, although we knew about his fine taste in Leica cameras

Article and photos from: Hankook Ilbo
(English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com)

“Nation’s Younger Brother” Lee Seung Gi is stirring the hearts of women.  Lee Seung Gi is currently an endorsement model for Samsung’s premium “Zipel Massimo Zucchi” fridge.  He appears in the CF singing “I Love You” and is getting attention for showing a type of temptation that has been hard to see from Lee Seung Gi in the past.  We went to the CF filming to see Lee Seung Gi’s charms in person.

Very meticulous with his makeup too
LSG gets a touch up.  LSG said “my skin has gotten really bad while filming 1 Night 2 Days.”  LSG wanted to show his best and knowing that about LSG, the makeup artist worked hard.

Model student/image is apparent
From the production staff to the filming staff, LSG listens intently to what they plan to do.  He worked really hard and when things didn’t go as well as he had wanted, he would go directly to the production staff to consult with them.  Even the production staff were said to be very surprised by the way “model student” LSG carried himself.

Did it come out okay?
LSG would look at the camera screen and monitor the photo stills during the filming.  At today’s CF filming, LSG was wearing a black tux and seemed to feel a bit awkward about it.  It was also rumored that LSG himself was surprised by the “gentleman” transformation on camera.

I’m happy to meet you~
Well known everywhere for being well-mannered and polite, LSG interacted and shook hands with the production staff in just that manner.  On the day of filming, LSG arrived earlier than the scheduled time and waited for the “cue” sign.  Well-mannered and diligent Lee Seung Gi.

Should I become a full-time photographer?
LSG showed a lot of interest in the work of the photographers.  On days that he has off, he has said that he likes to take his camera out and take pictures.  As soon as a photo was taken, LSG would go over to review the photo.  When looking through a camera lens, LSG’s eyes were ever sparkling.

Complete transformation into a man
In the kitchen, LSG has transformed into a charimatic guy.  With an unbuttoned shirt, drinking milk with a tough expression, and the image of him making spaghetti are all captivating.  Along the way, “Hudang” Seunggi had become a man!

Image scan from Hankook Ilbo newspaper print edition:

(cr: DClsg)

Even the reporter can’t help but to love Seunggi! :) :)
But omg, he is a total perfectionist… agh, just like me!
Not so good to be that way all the time! :)

See photos of LSG’s totally revamped manly image from Zipel fashion shoot.

See BTS video clip and message from LSG on the set of Zipel CF filming.

See video clip of LSG’s Zipel website CF rehearsal take.

And check out the totally blinged out LSG Samsung Zipel website.

2 Responses

  1. Wow!!! he look so skinny. In 5th pic his face is half of photographer’s face.
    Still love all the pics:)

  2. Hi Ann,

    love the BTS photo and thks for the translation.
    About him being a perfectionist, I guess that is why he is always working so hard. I one thing I like about him is that although he is a perfectionist, from the compliment and feedback from people that he work with, we know he has such a wonderful character. So I’m not so worried of him being a perfectionist as long as it does not affect his relationship with other. And I bet you are like him too.

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