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Seunggi’s CF makes you buy lotto tix and volunteer

Honorary Ambassador Seunggi’s first CF for the Lotto Commission:
(Read English translation below the clip)

The lotto ticket I buy becomes a place for someone to live…
And for another someone, becomes laughter…
And to another person, becomes hope/strength…
And to another person, it becomes a dream…
[The Lotto Commission is helping those in need and sharing happiness].
The Lotto is sharing happiness.
(English translation: LSGfan)

Ok, if Seunggi’s smooth and sweet voice and this overall touching CF doesn’t make you go out and buy some lotto tickets to support a good cause and make you want to volunteer, something’s wrong with you…

So the CF is tied to LSG’s appointment as Honorary Ambassador for the Lotto Commission to promote the lotto and its community/volunteer activities.

And earlier this week, the Lotto Commimssion formally kicked off their first community service event with Seunggi with 100+ volunteers and a gazillion press photos.  The CF and other LSG news is up on the Lotto Commission website.

Here are some videos from the kick-off event earlier this week…

Fancam, LSG and papparazzi press
There were like a gazillion press there!  Even Seunggi looks a bit bewildered!

TV Daily news clip
During the event, they asked LSG a few questions about his thoughts on volunteerism and his experience with that.  In this clip, he says that many think of the Lotto as more of a personal interest thing and that he personally had not paid much attention to the Lotto.  But through his recent involvment in the Lotto Commission work, he realized that the Lotto is involved with many different public service activities and giving projects.  And that he started out thinking with a very simple heart but through his recent volunteer activities, he really thought he really had so much to learn from the people he met and the overall experience as a whole.  And that Korea really is a country with such warm-hearted people.  And he encouraged others to get involved too.  His public speaking skills are amazing! :)

After the kick off event, LSG and the volunteers went right to work and spent the afternoon at a senior center serving food, polishing shoes, and bringing smiles to the elderly.   Below are a few more photos from that event:

(credits:  video~ leeseunggi01;  photos~ tryp96; leeseungki.com)

When a lot of LSG fans were saying that they felt so proud to be a Seunggi fan, I thought okay whatever…  I totally feel that way more and more each day now; it’s like you yourself want to work harder and be a better person!

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  1. This is just me or do you feel the same when you watch this CF?
    LSG is a man now, he is not younger brother or a boy next door any more.
    He grows up so fast, seem like he was a boy yesterday and today he a man……
    But still lovable…..:)

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