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Second year in a row, Honorary Ambassador Lee Seung Gi at the Lotto Commission’s annual volunteer event ceremony

The Lotto Commission of Korea kicked off its 4th annual Sharing Happiness Volunteers Corps event on May 9, 2011 with Lee Seung Gi, the Lotto Commission’s hand-picked Honorary Ambassador for the second year in a row.  He also participated with this distinction last year at the 3rd Lotto Commission ceremony.

Formalized in 2008 with the goal of bringing health, laughter, and hope to needy and less fortunate neighborhoods and communities, the Sharing Happiness Volunteer Corps is a national volunteer organization consisting of more than 2,000 persons.  Read more at:  Volunteer Lee Seung Gi delivers coal to ensure warm winter for needy.

Select press photos from today’s ceremony, and some fashion commentary(!)…

The outfit:

Red plaid oxford shirt, Black/White horizontal-striped knit tie, Navy (or black) blazer with gold brass buttons, dark-wash denim jeans,  black leather belt, white sneakers.

Actually plaid shirts and striped ties (especially knit ones paired with navy blazers) are popular among the preppy crowd, but I’m not too into his dark-denim and sneakers.   I don’t think the super skinny jeans look typically works well with Seunggi (especially when Cody hasn’t bothered to have the jeans tailored so they don’t bunch up!).  Fitted (not skinny) jeans and slim-fit slacks/pants always seem to work well.

I would’ve liked to see beige khakis and another better looking pair of sneakers, but that’s okay.  This was a great cause-event.  And plus, his hair looks great(!), which always trumps any outfit importance-wise!  And there was the usual sincere smile.  His expression here is priceless, like the feeling of being loved and admired is still exciting, humbling, and never gets old…


Honorary Ambassador Lee Seung Gi arrives

Commemorating the annual event

Candid shots.  Always the best!

(Images:  As labeled)

Totally loved Seunggi’s Lotto Commission CF from last year.  It was so incredibly heartwarming.  Expect a new CF for this year to be out soon.

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5 Responses

  1. The smile: Melt….

    The sneakers: Err… I’m just happy that he gets to do this again. I love it when a totally deserving celebrity gets to be picked by these institutions. Some celebs are just too I don’t know…two-faced? when it comes to these kinds of things. Oh, right! The sneakers…Well, uhm, I wish he swapped sneakers with that guy in the blue vest and the flag. It’ll suit his outfit better.

    But his smile makes up for everything. (That doesn’t mean Cody should be forgiven though. Hahahaha!)

    Thanks for this Ann! The photos are all great. I love seeing Seung-gi smiling and looking healthy.

  2. Ann, I was actually waiting on line to post my comment once I see your comment on his outfit. But didn’t expect your comment to be so mild. Anyway, the comment is my comment;

    To me, seunggi will still look good even if he is just wearing a plastic bag. Haha!

  3. Ok, this is scary, you guys can predict my real fashion thoughts even when I write mildly! hahahaha.

    It was Mothers Day and Parents Day and I’m overly caffeinated and pulling an all-nighter! So I’m both sentimental and buzzed! On way too strong expresso! Anyway, a guy doing volunteer stuff always makes me a total sucker, and so all that together… I felt I HAD TO delete/edit my usual rant commentary directed at Cody! :)

  4. the tie is an epic..knitted black and white stripes..
    nevertherless, he still a cutie ^^

  5. love his smile so much!! i feel like the jeans definitely needed to be tailored….i personally like the ‘skinny jeans look’ on him. Fitted jeans are a classic of course, but i remember Seung gi saying that he could never find a good pair of skinny jeans and sorta gave up on them…so i’m glad he’s found a few pairs that he likes! I think i’ve seen him wear nice skinny jeans in the newer 1N2D episodes too.
    thanks for posting your thoughts! love reading them :) Hwaiting!!

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