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On the set of a refreshing date with Seunggi [Pizza Hut CF & BTS photos, March 2011]

On the set of a refreshing date with Lee Seung Gi

Now that spring is around the corner, is multi-entertainer Lee Seung Gi getting ready for a date?  Sharply dressed, he is leaving for a drive somewhere.  Even though this is on the set of a CF, with his dimpled smile, it feels as if we are going along with this lovely person.  Sports Hankook sought out the filming set.

Would you like to leave with me?

With spring upon us, Lee Seung Gi wears a green-striped cardigan and a refreshing smile. Driving a shiny red convertible sports car, maybe he’s headed to the beach?

Chatting with the staff

Lee Seung Gi’s drive set is only one of the CF sets.  Wearing a red jacket, he sets a heartwarming atmosphere by laughing brightly even while chatting with the staff.

Do I look okay?

In between filming, Lee Seung Gi examines his face in the mirror and then gazes out.

Just like an uhm-chin-ah

Lee Seung Gi was neither KBS 1 Night 2 Days’ “hudang” nor SBS Strong Heart’s daring MC.  Seated and wearing a white shirt and sky blue knit, he had the appearance of an “uhm-chin-ah” who was studying at the library.

Also getting his hair trimmed

Lee Seung Gi also got his hair trimmed. In line with the CF concept, he rehearsed with playful expressions.

If it wasn’t for the mike and reflecting screen

If it wasn’t for the boom mike and reflecting screen, he looked as if he was really leaving for a trip somewhere.  Seeing his mouth wide open, you can’t help but to think that somewhere within his perfection is a hidden “hudang.”

(source: LSGfan via Hankook Ilbo)

Based on the hair and expression, it’s pretty obvious which is LSGfan’s fave photo and Seunggi style, right?!  I can’t help but to love chic Seunggi just a tiny bit above adorkable Seunggi.  But love all the BTS photos!

Love these Behind-the-Scenes CF photos and storylines Hankook Ilbo does.  And they’ve definitely shown a lot of love for Seunggi!  Last time, the Newspaper visited Seunggi on the set of Zipel Massimo Zucchi CF shoot, and of course wrote a glowing piece about him then too!  Omg, Koreans so love their uhm-chin-ahs!  (and the one and only original hudang!)  I guess it’s kind of equivalent to the “guy-next-door” type in the US and we love those guys too!

Love how Pizza Hut’s been using the concept of Boyfriend Seunggi in their CFs!

I’m thinking Seunggi would really be a great and fun DATE, being all hudang, cute, and adorkable!  But at the same time cool and laid back!  Guys with a great sense of humor (and looks of course!) usually make for a great date!

And just love the new 2011 CF.  Asians just love the humorous-bent CFs!~

What 6000 KRW ($5.30 USD) gets you~ according to Pizza Hut!  HA!  Omg, Seunggi’s expressions are priceless, per usual!

[One snippet hair cut~]
LSG: Here’s 6000 KRW.
Stylist: Omo. Sell that.

[One piece of sashimi~]
Chef: Oh, you only have 6000 KRW? Humph!

[One car gas pump~]
LSG: Please put in 6000 KRW worth.
Worker: Ok… what?! More than that was pumped!

[Whole pizza at Pizza Hut~]
LSG: I have just 6000 KRW? Woah! Why are you being so nice to me?
This is a great idea, right?!

Video: leeseunggiworld; English: LSGfan

Hankook Ilbo (Sports Hankook) Newspaper print version
Yay, they chose all the photos I liked!

(Image: DClsg)

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11 Responses

  1. me too Ann I love all the BTS photo.. Like his Hudangness all the time the natural Seunggi.
    Dreaming he’s fetching me for a date.. hahaha

  2. Seriously, I think he would be like the BEST DATE EVER! As a fan, I have no interest in marrying him(!), but I’d so love to go on at least one date with him…

    one of those all day K-drama type of dates where you do all the things you wanted to do in one day since you only get one day together since there will be some tragedy forthcoming! ha.

    They should have a contest – a date with Seunggi (doesn’t have to be all day), rather than Seunggi singing at your wedding! :)

    • agree agree Ann, let’s dream about it.. me too would be satisfied with it as long as I can get at least 1 date with him even just for one day.. hehehe

      nwy, Ann are we in the same dreamland??

  3. Let’s hold an auction – A Date with LSG! All proceeds go to the charity of your choice!

  4. Me too!!!!! I want a date with SeungGi too! Just one day or a few hours!^^

  5. Can a old auntie like me join in the fun too? Actually I don’t mind if he find me too old and send his mum to me instead. Haha!

    • Actually, I’m more interested in his mom. I’d like to know how to raise / groom a great kid like Seunggi.



  8. LOL! I love that Seunggi has fans who want to date him… as well as fans who want him as their son or meet his mom for pointers/tips!!!

    And omg, Eunice, your comments always kill me! ha!

    loving this CF concept and style!

  9. wwwwaaaaawwwwhhhh… lee seung gi, ^_^ chaaayyooooo….. :) wish u all the best….

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