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Preview: 1 Night 2 Days [1N2D] Supporting Actor Special

Set to air in two episodes on June 12 and 19 (PD Na mentioned it could be extended), PD Na recently talked about the Brandname Supporting Actor Special…

“There was talk about doing an Actor Special after we decided to do the Actress Special. Thus, after considering a lot of different things, we thought it would be a good idea to invite ‘brandname supporting” actors who have left strong impressions through dramas and movies.  Since they had all experienced rock-bottom roles, we felt they would fit well with ‘wild outdoor variety.’  If the ‘Actress Special’ showed us the real interior of sheltered images, you will get to see increasing wildness in the midst of rainstorms through the ‘Brandname Supporting Actor Special.’  You will understand the exact nature of this when you watch the special.”

Again kudos to PD Na for securing top supporting actors to come on 1N2D!  Credit also to the 1N2D members whom Korea loves!  I have to admit, I don’t know most of the actor guests since my K-entertainment interests include mostly trendy K-dramas and practically no K-movies, except the big ones that play here in NYC.

So LSGfan is most anticipating Sung Dong Il (aka Daewoong’s Action School Director Ban from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho)…

I’m so happy for all the love and attention Sung Dong Il has been getting, especially after his role in Chuno and later in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  I liked him even more after his appearance on KBS Win Win!  So honest and funny.  He was also doing Rain’s drama Runaway at the same time as Seunggi’s drama!

Check out the Sung Dong Il Win Win and Strong Heart recap

Sung Dong Il on Win Win, Speed Round Q and A excerpt:

Q: Which did you watch, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho or Runaway?
A: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

Q: Lee Young Sook (Daewoong’s aunt)…
A: Lovely.

Q:  It’s very likely that you’ll be up for awards at SBS and KBS, which will you attend?
A: Whichever pays me more money.
(When told that you don’t get paid to go, he joked he’ll go to neither).

Q: Show us your singing talent that can best Lee Seung Gi.
A: I can’t.

But, for some reason I have this gut feeling Seunggi and Sung Dong Il were not on the same team… If so, boo hoo!  Actually, one of the things I didn’t like with the Actress Special was having the guests and members split up into 2 teams during the entire filming!  Let them co-mingle!  It would be so much more fun!  Like change up the teams for the different daytime and dinner time missions! And let’s keep Seunggi and Hodong on separate teams!~ we love them together but prefer to see them in MC interview mode with celebrities on Strong Heart!

Also looking forward to the reunion of these 3 guys…

Sung Dong Il also has ties to Taewoong.  I think the 2 guys filmed a movie together recently?  Taewoong, an active tweeter, notorious for regularly uploading cute photos of his pets and doggies, as well as on-location BTS photos from various filmings, uploaded these comical photos of himself and Sung Dong Il last month!~

We are tired…

Therefore we love each other.

Another guest LSGfan is now sort of anticipating too~ Jo Sung Ha.  Currently on KBS Romance Town, also in KBS Sunkyunkwan Scandal.  In a recent interview following the 1N2D Special filming, he mentioned Seunggi as well as Taewoong.  Interestingly, the guy is 45 but he debuted in 2004, the same year as 24-year old Seunggi!

There has been talk that the actors developed close friendships with the 1N2D members, as well as with the other actors.  When asked about the most memorable member or the one whom he’s most thankful to, after thinking deeply about it he answered, “Lee Seung Gi and Um Tae Woong.  Personally, I remember Lee Seung Gi.  He showed deep interest in me and I was thankful for that.  Actually it was the same with Um Tae Woong as well.   There were a lot of times we couldn’t help but to laugh even though we weren’t really doing anything during the 1N2D filming, and we also got to have more serious conversations and so it was a fun time.

He showed his affection by saying, “Through this encounter, I hope there might be opportunities to act together in the future.  I hope we will be able to maintain the closeness from this as well too.  I didn’t realize it right away, but after returning back home, I miss everyone.”

BTS photos from the 1N2D Special filming last month

Fan accounts said Seunggi went over to the coffee shop to greet the actor guests (similar to how Soogeun did with the actresses).  And looks like it based on the BTS photos.  Curious to know how Seunggi ended up being the one.  And based on his outfit, looks like he didn’t do any ‘special shopping’ like he did for the Actress Special!

Seunggi talking with Sung Dong Il…

From Left to Right:
Ahn Gil Kang, Sung Dong Il, Sung Ji Roo, Jo Sung Ha, Kim Jung Tae, Seunggi

With PD Na (who seems to never leave Seunggi’s side! hahaha)

KBS preview clip for the 1N2D Special
(video: leeseunggiworld)

Seunggi is the youngest maknae… AGAIN!  His 90 degree bow greeting says it all!  Love how Sung Dong Il gets up first when Seunggi enters!  I loved the Actress Special, but something tells me this Supporting Actor Special is going to be a riot!

(Images: dcLSG;  News: KukiNews, Newsen; English: LSGfan)

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9 Responses

  1. Definitely looking forward to this! Thanks, Ann!

  2. i love the sincerity of seunggi as always — his like a super duper cute fanboy with his 90degree bow ;P

  3. it wasn’t just a riot, there were so many funny moments during the first episode. Man, the guests were so funny and even contradict NaPD. and you’ll see them cooking eggs right by the the road. its really different from the actress special because they just ate what they have and use what they can to survive. (i.e.. using a slice of bread to stir the eggs). hahhahaha there’s no sense of what’s and what’s not to these guys. Even Sung Ji Roo says he’s not eating after looking at their food but then ate anyway, he must be really hungry. lol

  4. Dong-il looked like he belonged with the 1N2D boys. I was really amused to hear Ho-dong call him hyung. I haven’t heard him call anybody that in a while.

  5. I loved this special! All the actors were scary funny even tho I didn’t understand the korean :( I was so happy SeungGi ipsoo in the water! Kekekeke. SeungGi was so respectful to sunbae hyungs. Love him! Hope you can share some eng translations. I love all your posts! Thanks!!! :)

  6. I think i will like the supporting actors special more…hehe..

    they are a group of daring to speak up guys…hehe… plus 5 out of 6 of them are over 40years old, so i guess they must be older than PD Na(btw, how old is PD Na?). i can see that PD Na is feeling the burden for the 1st episode of this special… I think initially they were given 30seconds to take the stuff out from the 2 vehicles but they bargain for more right?

    I hope Seung Gi will get a chance to act with all these 6 supporting actors in the future.. especially with Ahn Gil Kang & Sung Ji Roo… ^_^

  7. From tryp’s lovely gif of this episode, I noticed the guy who fed SG both times (caught in film) was in fact Jo Sung Ha – the ‘late boomer’ you featured above. He must be a serious fanboy from the way he gazed at SG while spooning the eggs/bread/kimchi mix to him. So heart warming.

  8. omg, I love this ep so much! I’ve already watched it like 3 times! I think b/c we get to see A LOT more of LSG in this special than in the Actress special since PD Na didn’t split them up into 2 teams! (YAY!) and the ACTORS are hilarious! I think b/c they’re so much older, they’re like whatever! which makes for fun! the LSG cuts are daebak! Will post the short Eng translations later today when I have time! :)

  9. what’s the background music when the actors first came in?

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