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Volunteer Leader Seunggi foot-washes covers for the elderly

On May 9, following the Lotto Commission’s 4th annual Sharing Happiness Volunteer Corps official ceremony, Honorary Ambassador Lee Seung Gi, Deputy Minister for Korea’s Ministry of Strategy and Finance Ryu Sung Gul, Lotto Girl and model Seol Cho Rok, and 1,385 volunteers participated in related activities.  Similar to last year’s big volunteer event, Lee Seung Gi and others visited the elderly and washed bed covers with their feet, provided soothing massages, and helped serve lunch.

Left to Right: Lee Seung Gi, Deputy Minister Ryu, Lotto Girl, and some super lucky girl!

Love these photos of cover-washing with their feet, the old-school traditional way!  Omg, I can only imagine how much the grandmas and grandpas were so thrilled to see this!

And the 2 girls holding Seunggi’s hand?  All in the name of volunteering?!  And looks like Lotto Girl/Model was seriously wishing she was standing over there instead!

And of course Seunggi charmed the grandmas and grandpas…

Helping to serve lunch…

And providing massages…

Some more photos from the official ceremony prior to volunteering…

Group photo

Deputy Minister for Korea’s Ministry of Strategy and Finance Ryu Sung Gul and Seunggi

Seunggi saying a few words

Lotto Girl, Seunggi, and SBS Announcer

And great fan photos (nice filter/light camera setting!)

News Clip: Korea’s representative Uhm-Chin-Ah

LSG: Since they said the Lotto funds were going towards helping very needy people, I bought a few tickets a month ago to commemorate this second year. [Hahaha] I bought some because I had a good dream, but none of them were winners. So buying lottery tickets doesn’t stem from having a good dream or because of some special day, and so I hope you can support the lottery’s contributing activities as a holistic way of sharing your many fortunes with others.

LSG: First of all I’d like to thank the many volunteers and Deputy Minister Ryu who have helped me to serve in this capacity again this year. Thank you to the many people attending this Sharing Happiness Volunteer Corps event. Having become the leader, I would’ve been very embarrassed if no one came out!

LSG: I’ve really recognized how worthwhile actually volunteering with our bodies can be; I had often said I should volunteer. So I was really happy to have this opportunity and work together with so many people. Similar to the work we did last year, I will work hard this year in 2011 as well.

(Video: leeseunggiworld; English: LSGfan)

Preppy ceremony outfit was nice but I’m totally digging the fluorescent green nylon green vest over plaid shirt look!  This was Seunggi in a similar outfit at last year’s volunteer event.

See more photo/video coverage of Volunteer Seunggi from last year HERE and HERE.

(via Donga, Images: As labeled, dcLSG)

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8 Responses

  1. This is one of those times that I wish I’m a Korean grandmother. I’ll gladly have wrinkles and white hair and missing teeth if that means Seung-gi can wash my bed clothes and give me a massage. Thanks for this, Ann!

    On a side note, OMO! His long hair!

  2. me too ann ilove the last year get up of Seunggi.. yet it doesn’t really look bad this year..
    @tishi it’s either we’re wished to grow old or be a younger ones again to get the attention of Seunggi.. hehehe

    • I agree! If I were a kid, like that one he “married” in 1N2D, and he’ll say “popo,” I’ll just faint right there.

  3. Me too. Dear seunggishi please serve me lunch, massage my shoulders and wash my sheets with ur lovely feet!

  4. hahaha.. you’re so funny yeah i still could remember that episode.. maybe you could have at least let him sing Will you marry me intro before you faint tishi..hehehe

    • You’re right. No use fainting right away. I’ll probably be having convulsions while he’s singing, but that’s okay. Hahahaha!

  5. omg, comments always majorly LOL! Seunggi being nice (and his lovely feet! hahaha) makes people wish for crazy things… that will then lead them to faint or convulse!

  6. thanks alot for this^^
    that tie he was wearing was an epic^^

    thanks for re-directing last year video /pix of the lottery commision..

    he’s just a cutie^^

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