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[StarNews 10th Anniversary Intervew] Lee Seunggi 10th Year Since Debut – Main Points ②

September 8, 2014. StarNews interview with Lee Seunggi ② – Continuation of the main points from my previously posted tweets~~ Love Seunggi more every time!

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Yoon Jae Moon talks new movie, acting, two daughters (and texting them photo taken with Lee Seung Gi)

Interview with Yoon Jae Moon

English: LSGfan via SportsSeoul

[July 13, 2012] – You came out too cute for your first lead-role movie poster.
I was really embarrassed during the shoot but the photographer did a nice job. He turned on music and told me to set the mood by dancing. A cute concept wasn’t necessarily planned, but it was fun as we continued to film. The poster came out well.

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Actor Yoon Jae Moon praises Lee Seung Gi’s acting

[July 2, 2012]. On one hand, his acting chemistry with Lee Seung Gi in the drama had also garnered a lot of buzz.  The private scenes of rapid talk between these two gave off a thrilling vibe.

LeeJaeHa:  That’s right… Your Korean name is Bong Ku. Kim Bong Ku.

YoonJaeMoon:  Whoa, Lee Seung Gi is such a good actor. He receives things so well. Whoa, I was really surprised. Watching Lee Seung Gi, I thought he’s really good at acting.

Reporter:  Looks-wise, won’t you get compared to him?

YoonJaeMoon:  He’s a flower boy.  He’s worse looking than me. (LOL)

English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggiworld

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TK2H relationship evolution fun: Lee Seung Gi – Ha Ji Won

WOC training days seem SO long time ago…  Jaeha-Hangah have come so far.  Can’t believe this drama will end next week.  I love the plot suspense as we go into the final 2 eps, but please let’s give the amazing cast members’ characters (their romances, bromances, infatuations- Bongku’s for Jaeha!) a rightful and deserving close.  Really miss the sweet, happy days of our Jaeha-Hangah.  We better get a memorable long-awaited lengthy ‘scene’ between our royal couple in the end… or else!!!  Such amazing memorable kisses in the earlier eps and if Ms. Writer leaves us hanging without you know what(!) in the end, that would be mad mean!  Going to miss these two~~~  Jaeha and Hangah’s relationship evolved so much over time…

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Cute ‘Colin’ family-kid photos with The King 2 Hearts actors

Colin, while spiteful as evil Bongku’s right-hand man, is “acting” after all!  I forget that in real life, he has a wife and kids.  And he’s probably not even evil!  As shown in his wife’s photoblog entry of their cute family with actors on the TK2H filming set.  Can’t say enough about the amazing actors and great vibe on set.  It speaks volumes about the real persona of our beloved main leads Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, and the environment they create for the entire cast and crew!  Love what his wife wrote about the actors and her kids.  Not only is her baby girl Ashley super adorable, she’s already got a good eye for awesome guys like our Actor Lee…

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International The King 2 Hearts ‘Hearties’ video message

(video: TK2Hinternational)

Watching this AGAIN made me all teary-eyed… seeing all the sincere fan messages set to the OST songs.  Kudos to fans Yon and Wanne for compiling this beautiful video, and to all the  amazing “Hearties” all over the internet and especially at TK2H Soompi with their ongoing awesome fangirl spazzing and deep discussion points!

We know The King 2 Hearts has such special meaning to Actor Lee, which means it’s super special to all Airens too… and this video captures that feeling beautifully~~!!!  Korean TK2H fans were so moved when the video was posted on K-sites, I can only imagine how touched Seunggi was~~!!! TK2H Fighting all the way, through the end!

The King 2 Hearts’ Yoon Jae Moon: ‘I’m a fan of Lee Seung Gi’

Crazy villain Bongku is SO freakishly creepy on TK2H, I forget that ACTOR Yoon Jae Moon (42) is doing a helluva job making me hate him!  Chosun Woman’s Magazine recently did a write-up, praising the hard-working virtues of king-like Lee Seung Gi.  You know, all the good stuff we’ve gotten used to reading about him.  At the end, there were quotes (which we’ve already seen in the press) complimenting him from…

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