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Yoon Jae Moon talks new movie, acting, two daughters (and texting them photo taken with Lee Seung Gi)

Interview with Yoon Jae Moon

English: LSGfan via SportsSeoul

[July 13, 2012] – You came out too cute for your first lead-role movie poster.
I was really embarrassed during the shoot but the photographer did a nice job. He turned on music and told me to set the mood by dancing. A cute concept wasn’t necessarily planned, but it was fun as we continued to film. The poster came out well.

– You are representative of the ‘crazy all-out’ actors.
Seems so. (chuckles) Honestly, I only acted as called for in the script. I also think I inhabit some of the features found in the type of characters I portray in dramas or movies. I like things that are natural so I don’t try to force things.

– You’ve gone from top supporting actor to lead actor in ‘나는 공무원이다’
I sort of went all out while filming this movie. Haha. I comfortably played. I realized a lot of things through having to carry the film. I think it will be a good base for when I do other films too.

– You have a natural chemistry with young actors.
I don’t feel that I have to be purposely close with young people. Natural is a good thing. Even though I’m old and a sunbae, it’s not like I know much. (chuckles) The director is there for the actors and so it’s just that we mesh well while working together.

– There are many fans curious about the ordinary Yoon Jae Moon.
Hmm… I am a simple family man in his 40s. Nothing particular, pretty much the same. Haha. When I’m at home, I watch TV. I don’t watch dramas much, and like things like ‘Animal Kingdom.’ My two middle school daughters watch other things.

– Your daughters must be in the midst of adolescence.
Seems so, as I tend to be on eggshells around them. (chuckles) These days, when I get home, I first ask them ‘How’s your condition these days?’ But even still, returning home after the VIP screening of my film this time, it felt good to hear them laugh and say ‘It was fun dad.’ During ‘The King 2 Hearts’ filming, when I took a photo with Lee Seung Gi and sent it to their mobile phone, they were really shocked and happy. Haha.

– Your kids didn’t get the acting bug from their actor father?
My kids haven’t mentioned it yet. The older one dances. I’m so clumsy, so I’m not sure who she takes after… (chuckles) Since she has a talent for that, I think she’ll go that route, and since the younger one seems to have art skills, I want to support that.

– You began as a stage actor. Do you crave to be back on stage?
I’m doing a play at the end of the year. Just because I do movies, it’s not my style to only do movies. I just do whatever. (chuckles) Recently, doing more dramas and movies, I still make sure to do at least 1-2 plays every year.

– Your upcoming plans…
I worked hard to get to this point, so should I say, I can sort of taste things now. Sometimes I think this is the start of things from now on. Thus, I’m more nervous and also greedy, and have a more serious attitude about my projects… I’ll start filming on two projects so I think I’ll be busy again. I hope many people will come and see my current move, ‘나는 공무원이다.’ I guess there’s no end to a person’s greed. (chuckles)

Aw, I really want to see this photo Yoon Jae Moon took with Seunggi and then texted to his daughters!!!  Especially, while in the midst of Bongku-Jaeha filming!

I super hated Bongku in The King 2 Hearts, but I really like Yoon Jae Moon more and more each time I read up about him.  He’s really a great actor!  And seems so cute (for a 42-year old ajusshi!) and different in his new movie.

Couldn’t help but to love him when he first said he was a fan of Seunggi (Ha), but loved him more when he publicly and sincerely acknowledged Seunggi’s acting.  And it’s so cute that they took a photo on the set and texted it to his daughters!  Aw~~~~  I hope Seunggi gets to meet up with Yoon Jae Moon again soon!

Images: MBC, SportsSeoul

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2 Responses

  1. Dear Ann, many many thanks for this. I adore Yoon Jae Moon. Before TK2H I had never seen him perform. But, what a great talent! And of course I love his love of Seung Gi! Seung Gi must have gotten so much inspiration from TK2H!

    • Agreed! It’s heartwarming to read that the veteran actors, character actors (LSM and YJM), HJW, and PD Lee have nothing but good things to say about Seung-gi!! What an impressive guy. His parents must be so proud of him.

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