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Cute ‘Colin’ family-kid photos with The King 2 Hearts actors

Colin, while spiteful as evil Bongku’s right-hand man, is “acting” after all!  I forget that in real life, he has a wife and kids.  And he’s probably not even evil!  As shown in his wife’s photoblog entry of their cute family with actors on the TK2H filming set.  Can’t say enough about the amazing actors and great vibe on set.  It speaks volumes about the real persona of our beloved main leads Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi, and the environment they create for the entire cast and crew!  Love what his wife wrote about the actors and her kids.  Not only is her baby girl Ashley super adorable, she’s already got a good eye for awesome guys like our Actor Lee…

[2012.05.12] Following dad to the filming set…
Blog by Eric & Ashley’s Mom: cafe.daum.net/aroha12; English: LSGfan

We met Teacher Lee Soon Jae at the Sheraton Hotel~^^

And we met Ha Ji Won noona/unni at a gallery in Paju~^^ She was so sweet to Eric and Ashley, which made Mom very happy. hehe.

And we took this photo with with Yoon Jae Moon ajusshi, an actor whom Eric’s mom really likes, while filming at the golfclub in Gapyung~ Eric’s mom’s expression looks really happy, but Ashley was sleepy and was getting testy.  I think it was past 10pm at the time…

The last photo was taken with Lee Seung Gi hyung/oppa at the MBC set in Ahnsung~ I was pushing around the stroller trying to put Ashley to sleep when Lee Seung Gi saw Ashley and said, ‘Now who is this pretty child~?’ Since Ashely was sleepy, I thought she would be cranky but for some reason she started giggling and was happy.  I guess in Ashley’s eyes, Lee Seung Gi seemed cool too~^^

Awwww~~~~  Ashley’s not only pretty and cute, but already has a great eye for great guys!  OMG, the way Seunggi is is grasping the stroller handles and his hand on Eric… wah, seems like such a natural dad and husband!!!  Seunggi + kids/babies = Ackk!!  You can’t make this stuff up because Seunggi’s been chilling naturally with kids/babies since his early 1n2d days!!

Aw, and Yoon Jae Moon is too cute…  Hope he gets to play nice guy next time.

And woah, ‘Colin’ is a lot more built(!) than he appears in the drama!  What a beautiful family.  Eric and Ashley are so cute!!!! Happy Mother’s day to Eric and Ashley’s mom!!!  See more cuteness at cafe.daum.net/aroha12.

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3 Responses

  1. Dear Ann,
    Thank you so much for this. It brightens my day!
    Lovely family, and lucky family too.
    I noticed SG’s hand on Eric and the grab on the handle. He’s just so natural. I predict a very smooth transition into fatherhood for him.
    Also sense the happy vibes from the set – incredible.
    Hope your mom enjoy her day. Did you guys cook for her?

    • Happy Mother’s Day AM~~!!! One of the coolest hip moms out there!!! hehehe. We did girls day out… spa massages!! Jaeha-Hangah style!! I love my mom but would’ve been more happy to go with Jaeha!!! ha.

      I keep saying LSG’s cody needs to put him in v-neck shirts all the time (deeper cut one!) I seriously still despise Cody. LSG better show up to the Heritory fan signing, first public appearance post TK2H looking tailor-fit perfect from head to toe, or else…!!! It’s bad that I’m already scared to see press photos. Please!!! Just slap on a TK2H suit if need be!

      LSG is going to be such an amazing hubby and dad. Sincerity you learn from family and friends and I love that he has real people around him who love him versus just a bunch of “celeb friends!” Hope he had a great parents day last weekend. Wonder what he gave his mom and dad…

      • SG is such an eye candy in TK2H! One fan said in dramabeans that he was so dazzling she did not have time or mind to check out what HJW was wearing!

        I do see Cody popping up everywhere on the filming sets. So hopefully he knows how to put SG in Heritory!!! Gosh, is that too much to ask?!

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