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[ENGLISH] Vogue Jan 2015 Interview, Part 3 – Lee Seung Gi’s Delightful First Experience

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Song Kang Ho, Park Sung Woong, Lee Seung Gi and Other Actors Attend VIP Screening of ‘Broken’

March 28, 2014. TV Daily ‘Broken’ VIP Screening – LSG cut
English: LSGfan, Video: LSG TH

LeeSeunggi: I’m here for ‘Broken’ at the invitation of Lee Sung Min sunbaenim.  I’m really anticipating it.  And as it it includes our great subaenim who acts so well, I’m really anticipating it.  I’ll be cheering for it to be daebak.  Fighting!

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Lee Seung Gi attends VIP movie screening of ‘The Attorney’

December 11. “The Attorney” VIP screening. Surprised Seunggi attended since he doesn’t usually do these kinds of events.  Jaekang from The King 2 Hearts (Lee Sung Min) and fanboy ZEA’s Im Siwan are both in the movie, starring actor extraordinaire Song Kang Ho.  I was such a happy fangirl to see Seunggi in this perfect coat!!  Burberry Bonded Cashmere Topcoat – $4,195.  Stuffy button down shirt and brown belt~ meh.  But love the sweater and leather sneakers!

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2012 MBC Drama Awards – Nominees for All Categories

(HEALING with Seunggi’s invitationnew year message, Gu Family Book anticipation!)

Typically, only the FINAL winners are listed in the press for the obvious reason that it’s just not really necessary at that point; that is, unless there’s a lot of controversy over the winner selections!~~ which we know well that controversy over award selections are almost a given with year-end awards in Korea!  We’re used to it now!

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[Fanmade MVs] Lee Seung Gi – The King 2 Hearts’ Lee JaeHa

From Prince to King, feat. Jaekang and Hangah [2 Hearts MV – Echo]
Omg, I LOVE this Lee Jaeha fanvid!  He breaks my heart and makes me smile…

(video: umnise1/ajewell82)

More awesome fanmade MVs… Lee Seung Gi as King Lee Jaeha.  Gosh, I forget how Seunggi had to play such a range of emotions, and in so many different contexts…

Immature WOC camp days.  Losing his beloved brother.  Thrust into becoming king.  Falling in love and separated from Hangah.  Dealing with crazy Bongku.  Losing his most trusted right-hand man Shikyung.  Constant negotiating with politicians all over the world.  Eventually brokering peace and preventing war, together with Hangah…

Whew~~~!!!!  (Despite Writer Hong’s lack of detailed attention in properly developing the Jaeha character, script-wise!) Seunggi did such a great job~~!!!!

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