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TK2H relationship evolution fun: Lee Seung Gi – Ha Ji Won

WOC training days seem SO long time ago…  Jaeha-Hangah have come so far.  Can’t believe this drama will end next week.  I love the plot suspense as we go into the final 2 eps, but please let’s give the amazing cast members’ characters (their romances, bromances, infatuations- Bongku’s for Jaeha!) a rightful and deserving close.  Really miss the sweet, happy days of our Jaeha-Hangah.  We better get a memorable long-awaited lengthy ‘scene’ between our royal couple in the end… or else!!!  Such amazing memorable kisses in the earlier eps and if Ms. Writer leaves us hanging without you know what(!) in the end, that would be mad mean!  Going to miss these two~~~  Jaeha and Hangah’s relationship evolved so much over time…

Going to miss our awesome WOC team…  Kangsuk, Youngbae, Dongha!!!

Will forever remember one of the best brother relationships, Jaekang-Jaeha…

And the Jaeha-Shikyung bromance that filled that brotherly void after Jaekgang died…

Crazy, evil Bongku… I will definitely not miss!  But Actor Yoon Jae Moon, I’ll miss.

Going to miss seeing Jaeha in white shirt and tears rolling down. huhuhu…

But most of all, I’ll super duper miss our beloved lovely couple of the year~~

Jaeha and Hangah!!!  Please let us see them happy forever and ever, in the end~~!!!!

Images: MBC, DCLSG

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One Response

  1. The most perfect Royal couple—HJW n LSG, they are the best choice! Keeping my fingers crossed for a lavish wedding, a hot bed scene + a Royal baby are in the making for the last 2 episodes or an extention of TK2H, I dont want it to end at 20 episodes, please!

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