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International The King 2 Hearts ‘Hearties’ video message

(video: TK2Hinternational)

Watching this AGAIN made me all teary-eyed… seeing all the sincere fan messages set to the OST songs.  Kudos to fans Yon and Wanne for compiling this beautiful video, and to all the  amazing “Hearties” all over the internet and especially at TK2H Soompi with their ongoing awesome fangirl spazzing and deep discussion points!

We know The King 2 Hearts has such special meaning to Actor Lee, which means it’s super special to all Airens too… and this video captures that feeling beautifully~~!!!  Korean TK2H fans were so moved when the video was posted on K-sites, I can only imagine how touched Seunggi was~~!!! TK2H Fighting all the way, through the end!

The King 2 Hearts’ Yoon Jae Moon: ‘I’m a fan of Lee Seung Gi’

Crazy villain Bongku is SO freakishly creepy on TK2H, I forget that ACTOR Yoon Jae Moon (42) is doing a helluva job making me hate him!  Chosun Woman’s Magazine recently did a write-up, praising the hard-working virtues of king-like Lee Seung Gi.  You know, all the good stuff we’ve gotten used to reading about him.  At the end, there were quotes (which we’ve already seen in the press) complimenting him from…

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The King 2Hearts press con photos – The Cast & 2 leads + 1

The King 2Hearts press conference.  Imperial Palace Hotel.  March 8, 2012.  Aw, love the cast already!  So cute, uber talented, and great chemistry already!

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