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Actor Yoon Jae Moon praises Lee Seung Gi’s acting

[July 2, 2012]. On one hand, his acting chemistry with Lee Seung Gi in the drama had also garnered a lot of buzz.  The private scenes of rapid talk between these two gave off a thrilling vibe.

LeeJaeHa:  That’s right… Your Korean name is Bong Ku. Kim Bong Ku.

YoonJaeMoon:  Whoa, Lee Seung Gi is such a good actor. He receives things so well. Whoa, I was really surprised. Watching Lee Seung Gi, I thought he’s really good at acting.

Reporter:  Looks-wise, won’t you get compared to him?

YoonJaeMoon:  He’s a flower boy.  He’s worse looking than me. (LOL)

English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggiworld

I love the WAY Yoon Jae Moon (42) talked about Seunggi when he was asked about working with him.  His expressions and manner of speech were so sincere.  (He’s really a fanboy!)   Says a whole lot coming from a respected veteran supporting actor like him!  And LOL at him joking that Seunggi’s worse looking than him!

He was doing press interviews for his new movie, 나는 공무원이다.  He plays a really cute funny character, totally different from The King 2 Hearts Kim Bong Ku and his other villain roles.  Also, Yoon Jae Moon, along with Jo Sung Ha (1N2D Supporting Actor Special), just got cast in the upcoming movie starring Big Bang’s Top.

Would love to see Seunggi and Yoon Jae Moon do an interview together!  Based on interviews, Yoon Jae Moon seems very cute and shy, so different from Kim Bong Ku!  Seunggi’s mentioned how he loved acting with Yoon Jae Moon and how he learned so much, so hope he got to see this interview video clip!

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3 Responses

  1. Yoon Jae Moon did so well portraying John Mayar in King 2 Hearts. Yes, his character was horrible, but at the same time it was because the actor did so well in sending that vibe to the viewers. And I hope Lee Seung Gi will get to see his comment b/c it does mean a lot when a recognized veteran actor gives positive feedback to the public. From reading many of the comments of King 2 Hearts cast members, it seems like they were all pretty surprised by Lee Seung gi’s skills. Would also explain why Lee Seung Gi had said in the beginning of June that he was still unable to get out of character even when the filming was over. He truly immersed himself into being King Lee Jae Ha. *Thumps Up* and definitely deserves an award!!!

  2. Seunggi’s acting to be recognized by the veteran actor is already flattering, but to receive an award at the end of the year is even more amazing..hopefully…(crossing my fingers) He really grown a lot as an actor while doing K2H, we witnessed how he had immersed from his previous drama Chill Princcesses, BL, & MGIG.. I’m just too proud of Him, he always never failed to amazed US..

  3. I do remember YJM role in IRIS now, absolutely different with Bong Gu. This man is really a veteran, and he knows how to liven up the scenes until Seung Gi himSelf carried out..huaaa
    Now I feel ashamed to plan 1001 ways to kill Bong Gu kkk, but he made the role so believable! *self defense*

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