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[ENG] 1.27.2016 OBS: ③ ‘I’m Going To The Army’ Lee Seunggi, Days Leading Up To Military Enlistment?

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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi Performs “To J” + Chats with YB’s Yoon Do Hyun at the Lee Sun Hee 15th Album Showcase

* Updated with ENG-subbed video

(video: lovelyclover)thx!!!!!

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Sweet-faced Seunggi in hoodie for Heritory and 1N2D

Sweet-faced Seunggi, even in hoodie-wear…. with a little bit of arm flex thrown in!  Natural sweetness is unavoidable, even 2 years ago! –> NYC FUBU Seunggi in the 2011 hoodie line. Omg, I was ranting about Cody and Hook then too! puhahaha.  Nice huge photos at –> blueboy0303.tistory.com. I miss hoodie Seunggi in 1N2D.  So laid-back, chill, and natural, something we rarely got to see except on 1N2D… best show ever! Truly amazing how all the places 1N2D visited are still SO popular with people still blogging about their trips and the 1N2D placards still up at those places!

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[Naver Star Column] Lee Seunggi talks acting and variety, singing, the future, and his agency family

[Lee Seunggi] Part 2, In between Variety and Acting, the Real Me is…
Written by Lee Seunggi
English: LSGfan

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Singapore interview asks Seunggi about Hodong [NTD TV]

More news coverage of the Singapore visit.  Really love how Seunggi’s shown major respect for Hodong hyung since his temporary leave, respecting his privacy and not talking loosely or publicly about stuff, unless directly asked about it.  Will everyone finally get to see the return of Korea’s best MC combo ever…??!!

LSG @1:30 [Asked about Kang Ho Dong] He is such a brilliant sunbaenim to me. And it would be nice if we were to have the opportunity to work together again.   There have been a lot of reports about his comeback in Korea, but as none of this has come directly stated from Kang Ho Dong sunbaenim, as a hoobae, I’m very cautious about saying anything regarding this.

Video: New Tang Dynasty (NTD) Television, English: LSGfan

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[InStyle 2012 Interview] Lee Seung Gi – Man of the Moment ③

Striped shirt and navy color pull-over, beige pants are HERITORY, striped muffler is KENZO.

“Yesterday, I was surprised to see many fans waiting for me at the airport when I arrived.  This photo shoot was not listed on my official site schedule.  I always gain great energy because of people not only in Korea, but also those abroad, who love me.  (laughter)”

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Psy and Seunggi’s ‘Because you’re my Woman’ connection

Psy’s always been one of the top loved performers in Korea (returning to glory after being banned from tv and eventually doing military service… twice!  Regaining the public’s love.)  But he’s totally blown up with catchy, over-the-top ‘Gangnam style!’  (smart to sign with YG!)  Y-star press coverage of his recent concert…

And the roof catching on fire!  @3:05.  He was freaked out too!  But he’s a total pro and quickly calmed everyone down by singing Seunggi’s ‘Because you’re my Woman,’ acappella!  It’s like a song for all generations!  Loved how the crowd sang along…

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