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[HERITORY] Lee Seung Gi & Noonas Over Flowers Story 2

Not Porter, but Luggage Lee Seung Gi & Noonas Over Flowers Story 2
[December 24, 2013]

English: LSGfan via HERITORY

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[HERITORY] Lee Seung Gi & Noonas Over Flowers Story 1

This is nice~~  HERITORY campaign sketch featuring their “muse” Lee Seunggi~~

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HERITORY for Noonas over Flowers – Lee Seung Gi, a new story begins…

2013 HERITORY together with Noonas over Flowers, with Lee Seung Gi

Hundreds of years ago in the city.
And many years afterward with Sunbaes…
Lee Seunggi.  A new story begins.
Heritage and Story.
HERITORY is together with Noonas over Flowers.

English: LSGfan, Video: HERITORY

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[Style] Noonas over Flowers Ep 2 – Seunggi in Tom Ford

Looking great in these Tom Ford shades.
And all the better, together with the HERITORY knit top.

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[Style] Noonas over Flowers Ep 2 – Seunggi for HERITORY

“Backpacking Trip 2~ Noonas over Flowers with HERITORY”  I was SO happy to see Seunggi in this fitted HERITORY knit top for his first outfit change after arriving in Istanbul, Turkey!  HERITORY, as one of the key sponsors for Noonas over Flowers, is definitely getting a bang for their buck… through their endorsement model!

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[ENG] Noonas Over Flowers – Teaser #6

English translation of the preview…

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HERITORY fashion teams up with Noonas over Flowers

OMG how did I miss this?!?!  One of the BEST news bits ever about Noonas over Flowers!  Seunggi in HERITORY never disappoints.  I just pray Cody stayed home in Korea and didn’t tag along for the trip… ya know, trying to accessorize and assemble outfits in some weird, unnecessary way.

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