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[InStyle 2012 Interview] Lee Seung Gi – Man of the Moment ③

Striped shirt and navy color pull-over, beige pants are HERITORY, striped muffler is KENZO.

“Yesterday, I was surprised to see many fans waiting for me at the airport when I arrived.  This photo shoot was not listed on my official site schedule.  I always gain great energy because of people not only in Korea, but also those abroad, who love me.  (laughter)”

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Psy and Seunggi’s ‘Because you’re my Woman’ connection

Psy’s always been one of the top loved performers in Korea (returning to glory after being banned from tv and eventually doing military service… twice!  Regaining the public’s love.)  But he’s totally blown up with catchy, over-the-top ‘Gangnam style!’  (smart to sign with YG!)  Y-star press coverage of his recent concert…

And the roof catching on fire!  @3:05.  He was freaked out too!  But he’s a total pro and quickly calmed everyone down by singing Seunggi’s ‘Because you’re my Woman,’ acappella!  It’s like a song for all generations!  Loved how the crowd sang along…

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Lee Seung Gi talks The King, manly charm, donuts, military readiness, and 1N2D vs Strong Heart PDs

Lee Seung Gi ‘Made concrete plans for military enlistment… Not worried’

English: LSGfan via ISplus

[June 11, 2012. Reporter Yoo Ah Jung].  I thought he was the smart boy-next-door, but now he’s become a manly man.  Through MBC drama ‘The King 2 Hearts,’ top star Lee Seung Gi (25) moved womens’ hearts through his portrayal of a king who faced sleepless nights worrying about the safety of his country, and as a man ready to put his life on the line for the woman he loved.  Having gained and learned more through this drama, over any disappointments, I met him at a cafe in Chungdamgdong.

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Farewell to our forever Strong Heart, MC Lee Seung Gi [ENG]

MC Lee Seunggi~~Thanks for all the laughs and tears! (Thx Hodong too!)

(video: beedance07 )

Right before MC Lee’s last recording…

(video: kangsimzang)

Strong Heart Photodiary production team’s goodbye to Seunggi…

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Strong Heart: TV Ratings, 2010.03.02 ~ 2012.04.03

MCs Hodong-Seunggi highlights! (video: rapport2010; Strong Heart Forum)

Now that MC Seunggi is officially released from Strong Heart MC duties, goodbye to this weekly Strong Heart TV Ratings tab page!  Similar to the 1N2D TV Ratings tab-to-post, this too becomes stored away as a regular Strong Heart post entry…

The ratings indicate Strong Heart was already showing signs of wear, even when Hodong was still with the show.  But MC Seunggi was a total pro and kept the show afloat until production team could find new hosts, even though the show was NOT set up to be hosted by a single MC, let alone some 24-year old dude!  Plus, Seunggi also remained even though he was planning to leave the show way before Hodong’s sudden departure.   That’s the MAJOR difference between being a happy “member” versus a true “MC” of a variety show!!!!

So hope the K-press and Strong Heart affiliated handlers, who will probably make a PR comparative case for the newly revamped show’s buzz, ratings, and new MCs veteran Shin Dong Yup (41) and Lee Dong Wook (30)…  hope, there’s no short-term memory and they remember all what Seunggi (24 at the time) did and went through.  Best wishes to the new MCs and Strong Heart!

Farewell Strong Heart MC Seunggi video [ENG] coming soon…

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