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NYC FUBU Seunggi in the 2011 hoodie line

Like Seunggi, LSGfan LOVES hoodies!  And although Seunggi looks great in FUBU’s 2011 line, most of mine are solid color plain hoodies without the brand insignias large and bold across the chest!  Definitely not into that type of thing!  But based on other K-celeb clothing shoots, loud hoodies seem to be the Korean style preference.

Love that he’s representing NYC! I think he was totally taken with the City when he came for the Carnegie Hall Concert, and I have a good feeling that Seunggi will definitely be back in the near future!  Hope so!!

Like the individual hoodie shots, but dear Seunggi, could you strike a NEW POSE and a NEW POUT in your next shoot!  Would so love to see something new and different!

These really are like some of the exact same poses/looks from his other CF shoots!  But still like!!^^  Guys in hoodies always look good and Seunggi looks AWESOME! But FUBU, some solid color, less loud ones next time please!

And Cody, no traumatic hair cuts please!  His hair looks fine now!
Some gel/mousse should keep it stylish!

Images: DClsg, FUBU

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4 Responses

  1. love all the colors except the pink one hehehe..
    want to have one of these. where can we checked out the price?

  2. Wahhhhhh! Luv seunggi in fubu photos. His smile!!! I luv seunnggi in hoody on 1n2d when he wakes up in the morning! Kekeke.

  3. ^^R!……….NICE HOODIES

  4. waaahhhh! i love the hoodies! all of them! they look nice on seunggi…makes him more younger and cute! keke! ^^

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