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Sweet-faced Seunggi in hoodie for Heritory and 1N2D

Sweet-faced Seunggi, even in hoodie-wear…. with a little bit of arm flex thrown in!  Natural sweetness is unavoidable, even 2 years ago! –> NYC FUBU Seunggi in the 2011 hoodie line. Omg, I was ranting about Cody and Hook then too! puhahaha.  Nice huge photos at –> blueboy0303.tistory.com. I miss hoodie Seunggi in 1N2D.  So laid-back, chill, and natural, something we rarely got to see except on 1N2D… best show ever! Truly amazing how all the places 1N2D visited are still SO popular with people still blogging about their trips and the 1N2D placards still up at those places!

puahahahahaha~ this is one of the bestest~!  Seunggi on rollerskates!

Strong Heart. Seunggi’s 1st solo MC episode~~ Hooodie LSG w/ Eunhuk and Teuk!

(video: HaeHyukLOVE)

1N2D. Golden days of 1N2D with all the guys!  puahahaha. Miss these guys!

(video: Hằng Nga)

Few more unpublished Heritory stuff…. looking forward to fall collection!

Images: Naver, previously posted/credited

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4 Responses

  1. I miss his hoodie look!

    I think you wouldn’t be you if you weren’t complaining about his cody. Whenever he wears something questionable you always pop in my mind first lol

  2. so handsomeeeee omg my feeling for him i just cant

  3. Oh nooooo~
    Ann, you make me teary eyed remembering them together T___T

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