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[ENG] 2015.1.10 Ha Jiwon Talks Lee Seunggi at Singapore Fan Meet, Greeted With His Video Message

English translation of Jiwon talking about her acrophobia (same fear of heights as Seunggi and overcoming it just like him~), working with Seunggi on The King 2 Hearts, and his video message for her first Singapore fan meet… #TK2H #Hearties

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Producer Na Young Seok talks true reality programs, and relationship with Lee Seung Gi [Razor TV Singapore]

December 6, 2013.  Na PD (38) was in Singapore for the ASIA Television Forum, and he did an interview with Razor TV.  The video clip is subbed in English, but some parts or nuances of what Na PD said weren’t included, so here’s the English translation.  It’s really mind-boggling to think how much younger Seunggi is than all the people he works with!  I think everyone forgets since he’s such such a professional about things and people always entrust him with a lot of responsibility.

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Singapore – 2013 Lee Seung Gi fan meeting [photos] ③

September 7. 2013 Lee Seung Gi ‘Brilliant Show’ in Singapore.  Definitely the best LSG fashion fan meet!  Which is why I miss it lots!  Dear Cody~~ please remember THIS time, for Hong Kong MAMA 2013!  This horizontal yellow-stripe navy shirt with white collar was perfect for the fan game requiring him to unbutton~~  hehe.  omg poor Seunggi, who hates to show any exposure!

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Singapore – 2013 Lee Seung Gi fan meeting [photos] ②

September 7.  2013 Lee Seung Gi ‘Brilliant Show’ in Singapore.  LSG in simple fitted white t-shirt~~ that’s all that needs to be said.  And his limbo skills!  Hehe.  Oh and that fan backhug thingy… huhu.  Thank you dear white t-shirt~~!!!!

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Singapore – 2013 Lee Seung Gi fan meeting [photos] ①

September 7.  2013 Lee Seung Gi ‘Brilliant Show’ in Singapore.  Been meaning to post more photos from this… I was freaking out over how incredibly simple and hot he looked for the fan meet!!!  Especially during the fan-fun portion — those deserve their own posts!  First, some looks from the live performance and press clippings…

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Singapore 2013 – Lee Seunggi sings live, tosses guitar pick

(video: Sashimi Dou)

September 2013.  Singapore “The Brilliant Show” live + fan meeting.  Tosses guitar pick into the crowd after singing ‘Tonight,’ just as ‘Love Taught Me to Drink’ starts~~  More of THIS Lee Seunggi please!!  This fan meeting had best outfits + hair.  LOLs.

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Airport fashion/style – Seunggi for Singapore 2013 fan meet

September 6~8.  Airport fashion/style – Singapore edition.  Like Thailand trip, stripes and blue again.  Thank you for not tucking in the shirt~~!!  Great loose round neck shirt (collarbone exposure~ please do more of this!), and perfect sheer cardigan.  Crisp white sneakers are okay, the pristine white is nice.  LSG so clean-cut!  Definitely sooooo unique, different from other 20s K-stars’ airport fashion~~!!!

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