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[ENG] Lee Seung Gi Performs “To J” + Chats with YB’s Yoon Do Hyun at the Lee Sun Hee 15th Album Showcase

* Updated with ENG-subbed video

(video: lovelyclover)thx!!!!!

[March 25, 2014] Lee Sun Hee 15th Album Showcase – LSG cut
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

(Video 0:00-4:10~ Seunggi’s version of <To J> live performance)!!

(He said he was so nervous, but he killed it.  I think this was one of his most pitch-perfect recent live performances.  <To J> is legendary ballad, but this rearranged up-tempo rock-ish version works great since it has slowed-down lulls of ballad within. I love when he hit the high note at the end!  I think we may see him performing this again somwhere…)

(Video @4:20~ Seunggi’s ment)

LSG: Happy to meet you, I’m Lee Seunggi. Seriously, I was waiting backstage and I was shaking so much, my legs were like unstable when I came out.  So to introduce myself again, I am 30th anniversary – 15th album singer Lee Sunhee sunbaenim’s favorite student Lee Seunggiㅋㅋㅋ
(He’s basically her ONLY student! lol. Boastful self-deprecating with fans!)

Today, really… ah a heartwarming 30th year, a long-run for 30 years that’s not easy for entertainers to achieve.  To see our awesome subaenim show this to us while by our side, I consider it a great honor to be here and participating in this.  And even though I finished singing, I feel very nervous as this is a very exciting moment, and I’m very happy about that.

You are Hong-dang-moo sshi, together for almost 30 years, right?  hehehe (Crowd: Yes!!!)  Yes, thank you. You must have liked it a lot, to the extent you even called me ‘Oppa’~ I could sense your hearts up here! (puahahaha)

LSG: To the extent that Sunbaenim’s fanclub Hong-dang-moo sshi have waited for her 15th album, for a long period of time she was in the practice room and worried over it for many years.  And when I look at it, even though she can’t work well with technological equipment… well, she’s similar to me in that sense (lol), but from learning each and every technological equipment one by one, I got to see her produce this album.  And as a hoobae, I greatly admire her for that.

And more than that, as only Lee Sunhee sunbaenim can do, this is an album with her blood and sweat, containing many memorable songs.  And I am confident it will be an album all of you will love.  I hope many of you will listen to them. (Applause!!!!)

Please show a lot of love for the title song <Meet Him Among Them> and one of the songs on the album, <Walk Around the Neighborhood> is a song I brought to her.  I felt I had to something on behalf of sunbaenim so I personally got it for her.  I feel very content having done something as a her hoobae! 

It’s such a great album and as a hoobae, to see her have a 30-year long run like this, I think it will give strength and hope to many music hoobaes.  We wish to see the singing Lee Sunhee sunbaenim forever.

(Video @6:55~ Seunggi and Yoon Dohyun)

LSG: Aside from me, we have one last guest.  Among music hoobaes, I thought I was [Teacher’s] top fan.  But the appearance of this person and his presence, I think my stance may be diminished.  One of Korea’s top vocalists, carrying on the rock spirit~ Yoon Do Hyun sunbaenim!
(Aw LSG and YDH together with LSG is~♥ Like old KBS Love Letter days!)

LSG: (Cracking up) Ah sunbaenim, you undressed a little too much since it’s Lee Sunhee sunbaenim’s concert?! (LOL) Totally exposing your arms?!
YDH: So I can be received well. (hehehe)
LSG: A really sexy concept?!  Now I feel I’m covered up too much. (hahaha)

YDH: You covered up a lot!
(omg Seunggi SO hates any exposure! but we LOVES it when he does!)

LSG: Sunbaenim, I heard you’ve been a fan of Lee Sunhee sunbaenim since your younger days.  To what extent were you a fan?

YDH: I was a huge fan when I was a student. I’m still a fan now, of course.  But back then, it was to the point that in my room, it was packed with photos of Sunbaenim and when she would appear on TV, I would reach out and touch the TV… (hehehe) you know, hoping I might be able to touch her.

LSG: I ‘m really curious… do you know Sunbaenim’s fanclub name?
YDH: Um, Hong-dang-moo?
LSG: Right. By any chance, did you ever try to apply for the fanclub?
YDH: Unfortunately, where I was living was so rural, so I didn’t even know how to apply for a fanclub or anything like that.
LSG: Then I guess we can settle it, that your fandom is slightly below mine… (hahaha) For me, my heart is always in line with Hong-dang-moo. hehe.  (Crowd loves this! Seunggi charming them to pieces~)

LSG: Sunbaenim, please share which song you’ll be singing today.
YDH: I Always Miss You.  Many years ago, I sang this song on ‘I Am a Singer.’

LSG: I saw that too!
YDH: This is my first time singing it since then.
LSG: Really?
YDH: I haven’t had the opportunity to sing it afterward! So I’m especially nervous today.
LSG: Is there a particular reason you chose this song, sunbaenim?
YDH: Um… (LSG laughing!) I sang that one but I like all her songs.
LSG: Got it.  I’ll pass the stage over to our awesome Yoon Do Hyun sunbaenim and I’ll be backstage. Big applause please~
YDH: Thank you Lee Seunggi~

Must’ve been awkward for Seunggi and Yoon Dohyun to act all formal like this!

I wish Seunggi would sing <I Will Forget> live again.
It’s like he sang it every chance he got when on TV, long time ago!
Which YDY loved! I love love love this song~~~

[November 2007] KBS Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter
One Of Seunggi’s fave YDH songs <I will Forget> @2:10
omg love these two together!!

(video: beedance)

[December 2011] SBS Strong Heart
When Seunggi had to start MCing Strong Heart on his own~
<I Will Forget> Lee Seung Gi + Yoon Do Hyun

(video: strongheartsbs)

Images: As labeled, Naver

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11 Responses

  1. Engsub vids using your translations

    • Sorry, here the second vid

      • Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!! You’re awesome! Thx for the amazing subbed videos!

        We’re all so proud of uri Seunggi, right??!! His live performance on such a big night, for his teacher, and talk with YD was perfect! Lee Sun Hee is a great teacher and mentor, but also… Lee Seung Gi is an amazing student that did her proud! And all of us fans proud!!

        LC~ tell me, are you more excited for his next album, upcoming drama, or possible variety activities?

      • No need to thank me, it’s me who should say thank you because of your awesome translations for international fans, without it, we can’t understand what he says, as well as your witty comments, always love reading it :)

        Yes, I’m very proud of him, his performance is perfect and the bond between him and his teacher is admirable, they’ve been together for almost 12 years and many years to come.

        Hm, your question is so hard, I love all three but if I have to choose, I think now I’m more excited for Eun Dae Gu because it’s more real, his album comes very close behind. But whatever he gives us, I’m also happy, even the CFs :D

        @AnnMichelle You’re welcome, also thank you for translations of his interviews on tryp blog :)

      • Me too! I’m anticipating his EunDaeGu the most! But I’ve always been partial to him as actor since I first met him thru Brilliant Legacy.

        Can I ask you a favor… could you leave your email address or include in the details portion of the comments (it’s not publicized that way). Thanks!

      • Ok, I left my email address :)

      • thx! sent you an email, so check when you can. :)

  2. Thank you so much, dear Ann and CC, for bringing us this wonderful performance by Seung Gi. I still cannot get the song out of my head! And his looks! So confident and charming!

  3. they should make another drama with shin min ah. MGIG is really awesome drama.

  4. they should make another drama with shin min ah. MGIG is really awesome drama. I wish that they can make a drama again like that 😔😔😔

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