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[Naver Star Column] Lee Seunggi talks acting and variety, singing, the future, and his agency family

[Lee Seunggi] Part 2, In between Variety and Acting, the Real Me is…
Written by Lee Seunggi
English: LSGfan

In 2004, Lee Seunggi captured the hearts of noonas all over the country and brought about the popularity of the older woman – younger man coupling.  Active as a singer with handsome features and singing ability, he stepped into the domain of acting.

As lead actor in “Brilliant Legacy,” which reached 47% TV ratings, he was commonly referred to as “the ratings guy,”  And as he participated in “1 Night 2 Days,” “Strong Heart,” and other cream of the crop variety shows, his existing sincere image and on top of that, his “heodang” image became a character that fans felt close to. 

The younger brother to noonas has become a full-fledged adult.  Where he is today, those who were together with him in the past, and the approaching future of Lee Seunggi will be shared in this last story by ‘articulate entertainer’ Lee Seunggi. //

Everyone, how have you been?  I worry whether all of you are doing okay since the days have been hot and then cold.  Not having noticed how tiring things were due to the support and encouragement all of you sent me through this Star Column, this is Lee Seunggi greeting you once again. ^_______^

If the previous column was primarily about “Gu Family Book,” I’d like to think more about the stories ahead and the foreseeable future from hereon.  Things I’ve had to suppress and haven’t been able to say.  Starting now!

This was supposedly me before I transformed into Choi Kangchi^^

# In between Variety and Acting…

As a high school band member, even just the title of singer was daunting to me when I was first introduced to the entertainment world upon meeting the president of my current agency.  The president of my agency said there would come a time for various activities as a singer, variety personality, and even as an actor, and recommended that I take acting lessons.

Since I had never thought or dreamed that I could become an actor, I politely refused her suggestion.  However, since I was unable to break the president’s sheer will, I began practicing acting and participated in the top reigning star-making “Nonstop 5.”  Nevertheless, even still, the idea of actor was unfamiliar territory for me.

Even now, when the president and I reflect back to that time, we wonder what things would be like now if I had remained stubborn or if the president had easily given up.  Now, actor has become something I dreamed of when I was younger and something I am slowly feeling a sense of accomplishment about.

Unforgettable memories as an actor provided by 47% TV ratings “Brilliant Legacy”

The people around me worry a lot about my parallel involvement in variety and acting.  Although I think it is important now, it was something I had overlooked in the past.  Before, I simply thought ‘As long as I do a good job.’

Since variety is about showing ‘our real selves,’ it reveals a lot of information.  Senior actors have advised me, ‘acting tends to grow and mature when people don’t know a lot about ourselves.’  If you do variety programs while also acting, it seems like you have to view the image with one eye closed.  This is primarily because the impact of variety is very strong.  You can’t immediately erase the image of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ Lee Seunggi.  That’s why I think the selection of a character in a project is important.  However, as the world is full of diversity, I think there are advantages associated with the mystery of actors, as well as the familiarity and wellness of variety.

I was really thankful and sorry to Mina noona. This is the first time I’ve called her noona~

In relation to acting, I remember something Lee Soonjae once said.

“Be concerned about it until you die.  No matter what, be concerned about it.  Analyze it and be concerned about it.  The moment you relax, ‘non-weighty’ acting, void of tension, is on display.”

After all, in regards to concerns about variety and acting, I believe competence is above all things.  These days, whether one thing turns out great or ten things turn out great, people who do an exceptional job receive the limelight.  Since I’ve already stepped into both acting and variety, and taking into account my original job as a singer, I feel a sense of responsibility to do a good job in all three.^^;;

Movie?  Of course, I would like to do it.  When I hear stories on set from seniors or colleagues who participated in movies, I want to learn about the system and feel of such things.  I want to confirm whether the things I studied and realized and learned are correct.  After gaining a lot of experience, I’d like to direct later on.  For this… studying in itself may not be sufficient ?^^

“The King 2 Hearts” which provided a big turning point in my acting. Together with Jiwon noona,’V~!’

# Loyalty to ‘also another family’

The fact that I’ve made it this far is because of my agency president and agency members who have become like family.  In the past, I didn’t know what it was like in other agencies because I didn’t interact much with other colleagues.  Gradually, I realized, ‘our agency is quite unique.’  Once, I asked the president, ‘Shouldn’t you look for new rookie talent?’  She responded by saying, ‘If I expend my energies in other areas, the energies I need to pour into you will diminish.  Since you haven’t risen to the foundation yet, I’m not raising other talent.’

From my perspective, I’m really thankful.  My agency president is someone who can make me get on my knees through my capacity to only follow my opinions no matter what.  You can understand, as my my mother even referred her as the ‘god of our household.’  The president is someone who has bestowed within me goals, not as entertainer Lee Seunggi but rather how to live as Lee Seunggi the person.

The president told me that when she first met me, she thought five years of learning was needed.  However, despite working together with about ten years having passed until now, I can sense my own lacking.  Every time my album is released, we worry together and I learn a lot of things.

Since I have these things to learn, my agency family members put wholehearted support into making sure I don’t have to worry about other things.  Honestly, if it were not for me, my agency family members would not get criticized nor have things to fight about.  They’ve gone through a lot over the years.   I think about that even more considering how they’ve probably had to compromise and offer suggestions to those around me in order to protect and allow me to grow.  Even though I don’t get involved, I feel strong knowing that I have the president and agency family members who put aside their own selves and fend for me.

Even receiving a lot of love from you all, as well as support from a lot of people^^ Thank you!

I feel, as does my agency family members and those around me, that it would be great if there was a person who was a good match for me now.  Since the agency family thinks that visuals are important, or course being pretty… (just kidding!) I think a person with a lot of thoughtfulness is well-matched with others.  One’s occupation does not matter.  I have at times thought that it could be comfortable if the person was an entertainer as there could be a lot of healing brought upon by shared understanding.  I am not particularly partial about one’s work.

There’s that kind of thing for everyone.  You know, the more people tell you not to do something makes you only want to do it even more ‘frog tale’ story.  Previously, if I tended to be careful about or refrain from all things dating, now I tend to worry about it less since I’ve become more free about such things.  Don’t misunderstood!  I’m not saying that I won’t date, I’m just saying I won’t try as hard like in the past.  Haha.

Thank you to all of you from the bottom of my heart~

# Dream, and also goal.  Singer Lee Seunggi.

I think I’ve done a drama almost every time I’ve worked on an album.  On top of that, while I was filming ‘My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,’ I was also doing ‘1 Night 2 Days’ and ‘Strong Heart’… When I think about it now, I really believe that saying ‘you’re brave because you don’t know better.’  In the past, I would sing songs provided for me on the drama OST, but this time I participated in the OST with a song that I wrote and composed.  I think things happen that way when you end up having a lot of ambitions.  As my understanding for dramas were heightened, my feel for things got better, and I wanted to immediately take hold of those things.  And you end up studying more because you don’t want to start lagging.

Before, I didn’t want to be embarrassed by others because I felt strongly about having to be manly.  Thus I didn’t like things that were embarrassing and could only work hard so that wouldn’t happen.  Now that I think about it, I believe those  thoughts were the driving force that motivated me.  Now, my thinking is more about doing my best to bring about a good outcome, rather than trying to come off manly.

Please anticipate many different sides of me in the future~

It’s great to reach #1 on music programs through activities as a singer, more than that, I was hugely surprised while watching Cho Youngpil sunbaenim recently.  It’s been decades since he released an album, yet his ability to communicate with people everywhere through his music was so impressive.  Once again, I could feel the same sentiment which had been conveyed through Lee Sunhee sunbaenim’s albums.  I too, will continue to become a person who can communicate and identify with others.

While I’ve been busy up until now under the moniker of ‘multi-entertainer’ as singer, actor, and variety personality,  I don’t think I’ve ever had the time to reflect seriously about myself before as I’ve been able to now.   And I’m really happy because I feel as if I’ve found another window for communication.  It’s my honor to talk with you through this great opportunity.

I will continue to do my best to show you an Lee Seunggi that doesn’t run counter to expectations.  I will wait for the warm interest and affectionate admonition from many of you.  Please show a lot of love for Lee Seunggi and Gu Family Book.  You promised?  Then, I’ll see you again on TV~!

Whoa……………. so many feels after reading this…………….

Now it kinda makes sense why he didn’t write a message to fans prior to the start of Gu Family Book or before his drama OST release, like he’s always done in the past.

As usual, Seunggi is sincere as always.  I love that about him! But also feel a little frustrated, like he’s TOO nice and understanding sometimes.  And shoulders all things on himself.  huhu.  Expectations in K-culture can seriously suck sometimes.

Like come on, President Hook is SO living in the stone ages when it comes to understanding how popular music works in today’s industry.  So, I really hope she doesn’t pull that guilt sh*t that Korean parents and seniors love to do with us.

And seriously, criticism of Hook’s female and male Codys are SO well-deserved.  Case in point, what the heck with the ensemble for this outing?! *sigh*

Seems he is purposely not doing variety, mainly to downplay the strong image the public has of variety Seunggi over that of actor Seunggi.  For now, smart move.

He SO loves and admires Lee Soon Jae sunbaenim!  Well, he is one of the top most respected and beloved elderly actors in Korea.

I think he’s sorry to Shin Mina because he was so crazy busy during My Girlfriend is a Gumiho filming, with 1N2D, Strong Heart, and album stuff!  Crazy, when we think about it now!  Yet, they are my most fave OTP!

Hmm. interesting talk on dating and finding a match… Hope he gets to date and be in love soon, at least before his military service!

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22 Responses

  1. finally!!!!!!like found a treasure here…thanks a lot for the translation *sobs*

  2. It gives me headache when i saw the article written by korean languge. and here i finally found written in english words. what an amazing story about our king seungi..Seems like a treasure to me knowing all of these…Expect more from our king in the near future….go fighting our one and only king….Lee Seung gi..We love you, your Airen ph fans…

  3. thank u very much for trans <3333

  4. Thank you Ann! I was waiting for this translation!
    Lee Seunggi is truly an amazing guy! He’s so appreciative and warm hearted. If I work for him, I know that I’ll give my best, cos he’ll appreciate all I do and will in turn take care of me. Even though he’s so immensely popular, he’s still so thankful and grateful to all those who have stood by him – no putting on airs! I almost teared while reading what he wrote! Amazing person! How not to love him more?
    I really hope that he’ll find someone equally amazing as a partner who will love him for who he is, and not for what he is.

  5. wohooo thank you so much for the translating eonni.. i’m so looking forward for it ^^ i’m just lil curious whether SeungGi himself who chose the photo and write the comment for each photo in this article?? kekeke

  6. Thank u so much for the translation.
    Enjoyed reading every line and word of the article… Love him more and more as i get to know him

  7. He and Mina are my all time favorite OTP too!
    KInd of vague mumbling there about dating…I was trying desperately to read between the lines…hahaha…

    • Me too An unnie,, their chemistry no jokes..i love the most LSG n Mina couple…

      mmm..why Lsg oppa said sorry for mina unnie more one time…confused???

      • Hoi Couple~♥

        I think he’s sorry to SMA bc during MGIAG (2010) he was also doing 1n2d AND Strong Heart. That’s lead in 3 high profile projects at the SAME time. So his schedule was super tight and he didn’t have as much time to spend with SMA….

        but as we all know, based on the BTS footage~ Hoi Couple were practicing and filming together almost all their scenes together! I really hope they can meet again in a project.

      • i hope so…i really missed hoi couple so much…hope they can meet again in a cf project…kkk

  8. SeungGi is a man with deep insight, a wonderful sense of humor and an inspiring others to be their best.

  9. thank you ann! seunggi can be a contributing writer in a magazine. ^^ his writing is good. anyway, as usual lee seung gi thinks! :) sometimes i would like to tell him to chill and just have fun with it. (ofcourse not compromising his goals) and i really love that he is all humble acknowledging all the people/experience who helped him to become what and who he is as a person/celebrity today.

    and! ofcourse, the hoi couple! i was also wondering why he was sorry. but with what you said ann maybe yes he was sorry because he was a ninja at that time doing alot of things at once but to think of it, it made him realize his capability his limits and strength. i dont know what to feel he called her noona now. hahaha. anyway i still hope that they will get to work most probably in a cf one day. one day.

    kudos seunggi! and thanks ann!

  10. Thank you so much Ann. I enjoyed every bit of the article bec. of your wonderful translation. I am a fan of the Hong Sisters that’s why I watched My Girlfriend is a Gumiho even though I’m not really familiar with the leads. I enjoyed it so much that it became my top fave drama while LSG & Shin Mina became my top fave OTP. Last year, after the end of TK2H, I tried watching 1n2d season 1 for the first time. I enjoyed it so much & love LSG’s adorable personality thus, I was engulfed by the Lee Seung Gi virus & the rest is history ^ ^. I am now a faithful Airen.
    I’m always thankful of your updates on LSG. Way to go! Fighting!

  11. Such a smart and intelligent guy! Always wanting to grow and do something new. Wants to challenge himself all the time…just so glad that his risk-takings have been fruitful. As a fan, I never know what to expect next. But I am comforted by the fact that he always chooses his projects carefully, and give us fans more and more reasons to root for him. I am so glad that Gu Family Book is doing well. I am sad in a way, because we have a few weeks left before the drama ends. How I wish he’ll go back to variety, so we won’t miss him that much!
    I am especially happy that there are so many hardworking and generous fans like you! Thanks for this wonderful article :)

  12. Peace upon all..

    wow, thank you so much for the translation! i wish i had the same enthusiasm on learning and making myself better, being appreciative to everyone and being humble despite all those achievements. I never thought somebody from the entertainment industry would have actually made me said, “You’re my role model!!” Seunggi, i hope you’ll stay awesome always!

  13. Hi Ann~ Thank you for translating this wonderful writing… I don’t know what to say… I’m crying..literally…
    This man, can he make us stop loving him?
    When I read this writing, I feel shamed to my self.. While he is very busy, he keep observing his surrounding, empathy and tell us to respect them too… I..can’t…there just so few people who acknowledge their environment as their success factor, and he admit them openly, which makes me more ashamed.
    “You are brave because you don’t know better”
    “And you end up studying more because you don’t want to start lagging”
    Too many quotes up there…. Which if I read all over again only will touch and slap me. I just can’t help, but love his personality more and more.
    Ann, Thank you. No one ever can beat you in thorough translation… Uri Dear Ann
    Ann, if you don’t mind, would you like to make another tab up there to ease us reach his quote? Just a suggestion though..since I always get ‘something’ for everytime you post his writing. Very grateful for what you did, even though you are so busy *hugs* Thank you…and thank you

    • R~~~~ oooooohhhhhhh AWE-some IDEA~~~~!!!! I get all sorts of feels whenever I read or watch his interviews too. huhu. See above post! Thanks for such a great suggestion!

      • Something happened, apparently my connection that my previous grateful comment doesn’t show up, so I’d write it here. Thanks a lot to hear my suggestion dear *hugs

  14. Thanks Ann!

  15. Ann, Thank you so much for all your hard work feeding us always your amazing translation when were helpless to know everything He said..As always Seunggi never failed to amazed me..i always been impressed the way he convey his thoughts, what a wonderful wisdom he has in mind and his sincerity and humbleness always shine through.. It just makes me even love him more, the way he thinks it makes me feel ashamed of myself.. He’s a person who’s always full of wisdom that sometimes when im reading his message i almost forgot that he’s a celebrity.. The way he reflect and concerned about everything..

    whoa! im afraid knowing that …he’s just too perfect for me…hehehehe

  16. I appreciate the fact that he appreciates his fans because show biz is all about fanship, that is what secures success. I must admit, korea has quite a lot of talents when it comes to acting and I thank the script writers for infusing a lot of noble messages into their scropts that make them endearing. I have noticed that Korean actors talk about dating as if it is a project. So much fuss is made about it which puts a lot of pressure on the actors and actresses. I leave one advice for seungi. Keep an open heart and a keen eyes,and be prayerful. You will know when you meet or cross the part of the one made for you. Do not intellectualize it otherwise you will miss the right person. Your heart will tell you that she is the one. Note also that when the intuition speaks, reason becomes secondary because the intuition is always right. Being the voice of the spirit and not of the intellect, it commads or instructs you. Learn to recognize that voice and you will not go wrong in anything. Remember to smile always as you have always done. Laughter is the greatest antidote to dark thoughts. I wish you God’s guidance in your search for fulfillment.
    All the way from Nigeria, I look forward to better movies and music from you.

  17. I Watch Korean Drama Every Day.
    Lee Seung Gi is Best Actor For Me!

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