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Vogue Feb 2014 – Lee Seung Gi & Noonas Over Flowers Styling 2

Lee Seunggi – white shirt is Dolce & Gabbana, flower print pants are Kimseoryong Homme, scarf is Lanvin, bangle is HermésLee Miyeon – see through blouse is Chloé, H line skirt is Miss Gee Collection, PVC bangles are Vintage Hollywood, shoes are Miu Miu.  Kim Heeae – pleated dress is Proenza Schouler.

The rest of the photos are up at Vogue Korea – More than Flower 2. I’m posting the English translation style details, like the first set of Vogue photos and styling.  Can’t wait for fans to post HQ magazine scans in a few weeks because these washed-out tone photos posted at Vogue are such the no-no.

Celeb stylist Jung Yoon Ki’s concept for Seunggi’s flowery fashion ensembles could’ve been SO much more.  Please NO more scarves around Seunggi’s precious neck!!  *sigh*  JYK has worked with Seunggi a lot, so I’m starting to think he may be secretly working as an Anti on behalf of another K-star!  lol.  But at least my fangirl heart is glee over fave wispy banged hot messy Seunggi hair(!)~

Seunggi, as he himself said, is NOT into trendy, high fashion, and prefers classic, preppy, clean-cut looks.  And I love him for that.  But seriously, whoever styled him for ELLE KOREA, please come back!

But all the 3 Noonas are fashionistas.  Heeae is  probably most similar to Seunggi in style-preference (and personality!).  Miyeon the tomboy, thus her androgynous styling here.  And Yoon Yeojung at 66~!!!  Wow, I can only hope I still look good in skinny jeans at her golden age, like she showed off during the trip!

The full article is now up at Vogue too.  It’s lengthy.  I’ll post the English translation related to Seunggi later on, and maybe summarize the parts about the Noonas.  It’s a really nice feature… as expected, for this lovely family~~

Lee Seunggi – print shirt is Prada, skull pattern suspenders are LansmereYoon Yeojung – lace blouse is All Saints, tailored jacket is DKNY.  Kim Heeae – print shirt is Paul Smith, black cropped jacket is Dolce & Gabbana.  Lee Miyeon – white top is Dolce & Gabbana, pearl drop earrings are Vintage Hollywood.

Lee Miyeon – spangle jewel ornamented blouse is Miu Miu, heart pattern wide pants are Gucci, platform shoes are Louis Vuitton.  Lee Seunggi – padded vest jacket is Firstlook, exotic flower print shirt is Prada, pants are Lanvin, lace-up boots are Carven at Koon. 

Lee Seunggi – print shirt is Paul Smith, blue colored pants are Lanvin, silk scarf is Gucci, ankle boots are Hermès.

Kim Heeae – butterfly print sleeveless top and pleated skirt is Lanvin, PVC material high heels are Christian Louboutin.  Lee Miyeon – ribbon collar silk blouse is Chloé, blue wide pants are Hermès, colored black stilettos are Dior, flower ornamented ear cuffs are Roberto Cavalli at Mue.

Lee Miyeon – ruffle silk blouse is Donna Karan Collection.  Kim Heeae – red lace top is Dolce & Gabbana.

Kim Heeae – puffed sleeve organza blouse is Golden Goose, jacquard full skirt is Red Valentino, bold gold rings on both hands are Cartier, python material open-toe heels are Christian Louboutin.

Lee Miyeon – white shirt is Donna Karan Collection, sexy black slit long skirt is Balmain, silk scarf is Hermès, flower print shoes are Miu Miu.

Yoon Yeojung – black sleeveless dress and metal accessory is Bottega Veneta, diamond ring is Cartier.

Images: Vogue Korea

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