LA MER Event: Lee Seung Gi’s Luxe Gifts for the Noonas

The surprise gifts Seunggi prepared for the Noonas prior to the trip… luxe LA MER facial products! *squeal* He definitely has excellent, refined taste~~!  LA MER Korea did a surprise facebook event giveaway.  Noonas Over Flowers buzz is for real.

[Event] LA MER over Flowers

Last week, on the “Noonas Over Flowers” director’s cut, a scene was revealed in which Lee Seunggi gave the Noonas La Mer gifts.

Saying he has used this for a long time, he chose La Mer for these special gifts. Not only did he include La Mer’s representative cream, treatment lotion, regenerating serum, but even hand lotion and lip balm. He definitely has a lot of sense about these things!

We can totally understand how the excited Noonas felt!
Is there a boyfriend out there who could be so overflowing in sense?…

<Today’s Surprise Event>
La Mer products inside the green gift bag.
Winners revealed on Jan. 22.

English: LSGfan via La Mer Korea facebook

Seunggi IS seriously awesome~~~
The fact that he was dating and in a relationship at this time….
but was SO thoughtful about the Noonas PRIOR to the trip….
Says so much about him and how he treats people around him!
Still the same guy with the same deep capacity that cares for others.

I think he also included some other brand gifts too…
Like the candle.  Maybe that was only for TK2H Queen Mom Yoon Yeojung.

The Noonas were so surprised by the luxe gift bag.
And so touched by the handwritten individual notes.
Aw~ this is SO Seunggi.

via twitter@kaorufortune / LA MER

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3 Responses

  1. Awww, our Seung Gi can do no wrong, he has a heart of gold…luv him to bits…

  2. oppa is awesome man like always

  3. That is why we love him even more..he is very charming and caring person..and now i feel jealous to his lucky she is..hiks;-)

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