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[ENG] CJ Creative Forum 2 – Lee Seung Gi Introduction

English translation of the introduction and some thoughts about MC chemistry…

[2014.01.21] CJ Creative Forum 2, Yonsei University
Introduction of Lee Seunggi
English: LSGfan, Video: AirenVideo

LSG: Hello I’m Lee Seunggi.
SKS: I enjoyed watching your trip with the Noonas.
LSG: Ha. Psychologically, I haven’t fully recovered yet! Meeting with the PDs I previously worked with, the hyung-nims, I’m here to share healing with them.

SKS: Today, I’ll be MCing with Lee Seunggi. And you know of this program, this is the second CJ Creative Forum.
LSG: Yes. Sunbaenim, did you watch the first CJ Creative Forum?
SKS: Of course. Director Bong Joon Ho and Dreamworks CEO, um…

LSG: Hahaha. Yes, I didn’t memorize the name either. For the many people who came here today, you should all anticipate those who will come out and make your hearts go du-geun. So, shall we continue? (Crowd: Yes!)  Let’s meet them now… (technical difficulties!)
SKS: It’s not easy to meet them!  The video should start soon.  Seunggi, you have a lot of connections with these PDs…
LSG: Yes. And the video begins now.

Click and watch the Naver TVcast clip live-streamed on Naver–> Seunggi’s intro
MC Suh Kyung Suk introduces Seunggi (to loud cheers!) at 4:30~ Aww.

SKS:  The top creators you have been anticipating are waiting behind the stage.  Before we meet them, I will introduce someone… 

A while back, he was a ‘Heodang’~ (screams from the crowd. No matter how much every star wants to be next in line Heodang, everyone knows there’s only one true original!)  Now ‘Luggage Seunggi’ (a play on words, also meaning ‘Manly Seunggi’).  And even ‘Real Man’ on top of that.  He has so many great titles.  Sure enough, this person is a top creator himself…  welcome Lee Seung Gi!

(Aw love the music big image displayed of him as he entered the stage!)

Suh Kyung Suk (42) is a veteran MC and comedian, older by 15 years.  So he’s been doing this for a long time, which is why I kinda expected him to be a bit more of a pro, and roll with the punches during the long live-stream telecast.

There was one moment where Seunggi had his earpiece out, and due to time constraints, moved on to the next question suggesting they skip Na Pd and Lee PD responses.  MC Suh politely interrupted and suggested that they let the PDs answer since it was an important question, which was totally cool.  But then he referred to this again and again, and even ended the entire telecast saying he and Seunggi promise to have better chemistry next time.

Maybe he was just trying to be funny?  Good thing viewers took it in stride.  Reading a bunch of the blog posts from the event, people can’t help but to respect and like Seunggi.  Everyone especially loved brotherly closeness between Seunggi, Na PD, and Lee PD.  One guy blogger wrote~ “MC Suh is a veteran MC and good.  Seunggi was good too.  Even when he made a slight misstep, everyone smiled and laughed it off… because it is Lee Seunggi. He is the type you cannot dislike.”  Ha, so true!

Um, on an objective note, Seunggi can have amazing chemistry with anyone.  So I think MC Suh, who is great at what he does, could adjust himself to support his hoobaes more.  Glad Na PD and Lee PD were there, siding with Seunggi and giving him a hug afterward.  MC Suh has a new show on tvN and I was a little turned off with his trying a little too hard to be in the good graces of Na PD and Lee PD… but all the best to him and maybe he will get another chance to show chemistry with Seunggi.

CJ Creative Forum 2 – Program (Lee Seung Gi profile)

Lee Seung Gi – Singer. Actor. Variety. Doing it all is entertainment’s representative creator.

Singing, acting, variety.  Lee Seunggi continues to gain popularity for his distinct confidence and personality that is particularly of his own, showcased in diverse areas.  Developing a new character through each one of his projects, creating his own domain through his own distinct ways, and through his recent participation in Noonas Over Flowers, he has perfectly become the trend to follow. He is entertainment’s representative creator, making us anticipate his next transformation.

Congrats to Seunggi for doing a great job!  Always working so hard and making fans so proud!  CJ Creative Forum 2 is scheduled to broadcast on tvN Jan. 28 at 7pm.

[Fancam] Seunggi preps during the video break~~

(video: AirenVideo)

Images: As labeled, Naver blogs

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4 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann, I loved everyone grabbing there camera phones as soon as they knew he was being introduced, lol I feel the mc let his jealousy show, by mentioning it. SG comes in 2nd to no one when it comes to popularity and being loved. The MC knows it, just like everyone else. It seems no matter what project he does its mentioned.

  2. I’m always confused by his hair…I read a comment a while ago that he wears extensions (???) and now that I look at it, is he really wearing one?
    His cody always having trouble fixing him up..Why does he always try to make Seunggi look so much older than he is??
    His hair length and style was best during his Hope Concert 2013 in Seoul with a little bit of the sides shaved off.

    • Fyi, he wore extensions on HC2013 and it is his real hair from those pics above.

    • Cody and Hook~ @#$%@#$%!!! They ARE the reason I thought I could no longer be a fangirl… since their ineptitude stressed me out too much and I had difficulty sleeping at night!!!!

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