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Vogue Feb 2014 – Behind the Scene Stories at Lee Seung Gi & Noonas Over Flowers Photoshoot

Vogue Korea [Feb 2014]
Behind the Scene Stories

Fashion Scene with Snow Cat: Flower Garden
By Lee Mee Hye and Kim Min Jin
English: LSGfan via Vogue Korea

After they returned from their Eastern Europe trip, on the lovelier than flowers Vogue photoshoot set with the Nation’s noonas and the Nation’s younger brother, who had his ups and downs!  It was the day after Christmas and snowing outside, and there was another different adventure taking place at a red gated space in Itaewon where 50 people had gathered. 

“I had to work into the night on Christmas because of this photoshoot.  I only slept about 2 hours!”  Stylist Jung Yoon Ki was scrambling around filling the hangers with fragrant spring clothes for the Nation’s top actresses.  He added that he had prepared for this photoshoot since the <Noonas Over Flowers> team departed for Croatia on October 31.

Soon, the inside of the space was adorned with floral designs and flowers were blooming here and there.  And today’s guests, the lovelier than flowers actresses were there.  Arriving first was early-bird youngest noona Lee Miyeon.  Elegant third noona Kim Heeae, who likes to mimic Gag Concert’s popular expressions, sat modestly chatting with the staff. “Wait a minute! Heeae unni, will do her hair and go~!”

Maknae Lee Seunggi inquired about the noonas as soon as he opened the front door, and courteously greeted them.  Soon cool oldest noona got out of a Mercedes-Benz.  She appeared in jeans and boots like her fashionista 60s self and in her animated voice, immediately took to meticulously asking about today’s clothes.  Unfortunately, the second noona Kim Jaoak was unable to be here because it conflicted with her drama filming schedule.

Today’s fashion concept was taken directly from the characters from <Noonas Over Flowers>.  The modest dress printed gently with red flower design was perfect for Kim Heeae!  Masculine pants and flowing silk shirts for spirited and extroverted, yet delicate hearted Lee Miyeon.  The always bright shining Lee Seunggi was styled in vivid full-colored suits.  And a sharp black dress matching her unbreakable personality for the charismatic Yoon Yeojung.  Everyone’s brilliant and dazzling transformation, unseen during the 9 nights and 10 days Croatia trip, was now complete.  At last, they had all returned to their initial top star place, from their anonymous backpacking trip.

However, in reality, the difficult adventures had continued since the photoshoot site was bursting at the seams with people, and the space in itself was completely insufficient for all the clothing changes and facial fixings that actually doubled as their break times.  And on top of that, the snow made for an isolated situation.  Even getting coffee and water delivered felt like a lifetime.  Because of that, outfitted in their dresses and suits, the refined actors had to resign to teriyaki lunchboxes in substitution for hunger and endure all kinds of discomfort. 

What was worse, there was only one restroom.  “I thought there would at least be champagne for this Vogue photoshoot.”  Finally, as we approached the last photo segment, a joke mixed with frustration burst out from someone’s mouth. “Let alone a party atmosphere, they throw us one lunchbox and make us work all day.”  Bursts of laughter filled the room.

Their real personalities, confirmed during the photoshoot, were exactly as shown on the TV broadcast.  They were more like deep-soul, familiar neighborhood noonas rather than snobby, arrogant stars.  And sure enough, ‘model student’ Seunggi goes without saying.  While the snow was flurrying about outside, this place was more like spring, fragrant with flowers in full-bloom because of their beaming bright smiles.  Although their <Noonas Over Flowers> long trip had ended, their real active work is from now on.

Ha, poor Seunggi~~~
the only guy, the way youngest, and can’t-help-but-to-be courteous self…

He was probably his usual diplomatic self and tried hard to placate all the different strong-minded noona personalities and preferences!

Video footage of this could be so entertaining…

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  1. Thank you Ann … yup I wish they have a video footage of this photoshoot. It would be a wonderful addition to complete NoF adventour altogether.

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