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1st Look E-Magazine – Lee Seung Gi at 2013 MAMA

Seunggi-rlated pages from the glossy 1st Look E-Magazine~  At 2013 MAMA and the Firstlook outdoor booth.  And a page on the fashion found on Noonas Over Flowers.

I really like HeeAe’s mix of classic styles, like the Burberry jacket, and her more casual but chic looks such as her black leggings and boots with layered top styles.

I can’t wait for the latter episodes~~ where we’ll get less of the “I’m going to go climb Mount Everest” fashion(!) and more classic HERITORY looks again for Seunggi.

Loved his look at the end of Ep 6!  Probably had something to do with his increased confidence in leading the opinionated, yet lovable Noonas.  Confidence = Sexy!

Images: LSG Thailand

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