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[Style] Noonas over Flowers – Lee Seung Gi’s Cartier watch

With Noonas Over Flowers posting unbelievable ratings for cable, and even rivaling the big 3 broadcast channels, the popular fashion and style of Seunggi (and the two younger noonas) has been getting lots of attention.  Seunggi’s always worn Cartier timepieces, but his $12,800 Calibre de Cartier pink gold steel watch worn on NoF has been lighting up the Korean blogosphere.  Luxe accessories are always popular, but paired in a subtle and natural way~~ Perfect!  Some screen caps feat. our lovely hardworking Porter Guide and his Cartier watch~~

Miyeon unni always so hands-y with all the ladies, including Seunggi!  Ha.  And so like her to just check the time for herself on Seunggi’s watch!  LOL at his reaction.

People picked up on Seunggi wearing Cartier watches in his dramas too…
As King Jaeha in TK2H and Daewoong in MGIAG.

No cap of modern-day Kangchi and Hwan, but I’m sure those two had lots!
All of a sudden, I really miss seeing Seunggi as an actor…

And some of my fave looks………..
From the Esquire shoot with Seunggi modeling various Cartier watches~♥

I’d love to see NoF have a special ending dinner, dressed in formal wear like this!
And with Na PD paying the entire bill.  haha.

Images:  Naver blog, As labeled

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  1. I second that…Pd Na picking up the tab😀

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