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[Style] Noonas over Flowers Ep 2 – Seunggi for HERITORY

“Backpacking Trip 2~ Noonas over Flowers with HERITORY”  I was SO happy to see Seunggi in this fitted HERITORY knit top for his first outfit change after arriving in Istanbul, Turkey!  HERITORY, as one of the key sponsors for Noonas over Flowers, is definitely getting a bang for their buck… through their endorsement model!

Our Seunggi looking SO handsome… even despite severe duress and stress!

AND despite being chewed out by PD Lee… huhu.
That’s the Korean way~ people who are older and care about you can say anything.
She’s close to Seunggi since 1N2D days, but still, I felt really bad for him.
He wasn’t the ONLY one who let the 2 older Noonims walk ahead…
Miyeon was there too.  And she’s way older and should’ve known better too.

But Seunggi~ always able to learn from things and think positive~~~!!!

I’m counting the weeks to the latter eps… for Seunggi’s redemption!
Seriously, I hope the Noonas remember that…….
LSG had managers take care of everything since he debuted at 18 years old.
LSG grew up in a loving family, and with a mom who doted over her son.
LSG has to deal with 4 different personalities, way older sunbae Noonas!

Yay for more HERITORY Seunggi to come on Noonas over Flowers~~

Images: eternal487.blog.me, HERITORY

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3 Responses

  1. Hi, thanks for all the updates. Do you consider to make Engsub of this show, no one sub this :( I know if you translate it, there are some people can help subbing it. Thanks.

    • Hi~ sorry, but I’m not going to be able to translate the eps. I’m really busy with stuff and variety can be hard to translate. It’d be a lot of work for one person. maybe a group can get do it. I thought there was ENG subs on Hulu or Viiki.

      plus, I’m just barely making it through each episode without getting all teared up watching Seunggi…

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