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[ENG] VIXX’s Hyuk sends role model Lee Seung Gi heartfelt video message, after Eun Ji Won notes resemblance

* UPDATE 2 – ENG-subbed video

(video: sgsairl) So cool~~ thx to sgsairl!  Seunggi fans~ jjjang!


Always love the respect Seunggi gets from so many hoobaes. English translation…

December 17, 2013. QTV 미소년통신 은희상담소
English: LSGfan, Video: myrealQTV

Seunggi-related cut @40:40~42:00

EJW: Let’s go to Hyuk. He’s waited a long time.
MJH: Lastly, we have Hyuk.
EJW: Sang Hyuk-ee. Han Sang Hyuk. Team maknae, born in 1995. The maknae, but the tallest in the group. 184 cm. We hear you’re still growing.
Hyuk: I haven’t measured recently…
EJW: Then how do you know you’re 184 cm?

Ravi: He used to be shorter than me, but now 2 years later, he’s taller than me.
MHJ: Are you worried about getting taller?
Hyuk: I don’t necessarily think I want to get taller, but just to the point that I can be seen as tallest is good.
Ravi: That’s tall enough…
Hyuk: I too don’t want to grow that much taller.

MHJ: His nose being slightly rounded…
EJW: Seunggi…
MHJ: Lee Seunggi.

(Side-by-side screenshot~! “Not only his nose, but the way Hyuk laughs too”)

MHJ: Seunggi…
EJW: He has a Seunggi vibe.

N: Hyuk really like him. That’s his role model.
[All VIXX members acknowledge that Seunggi is Hyuk’s role model]

EJW: Then, Hyuk, why don’t you send him a video message!
MHJ: Yeah.
EJW: Saying~ ‘You’re over!  It’s my turn now!’ (Ha that’s SO Jiwon!)
MHJ: That ‘Hyuk’s time is coming!’

Hyuk: Hello Lee Seunggi sunbaenim. I’ve respected you since I was young and was just one student who wanted to be like you.  And I am following in sunbaenim’s footsteps. Next time we get to meet, it would be great if we could have a meal together. (Awww~ everyone applauds heartfelt message)

MHJ: If it’s to this degree, he really likes him.
EJW: Your side view resembles Seunggi even more…
MHJ: He really resembles him. You’d be great for a refrigerator commercial! (puahaha. Seunggi’s 4-years of Samsung Zipel fridge CFs are LEGENDary!)

Gosh, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Jiwon!  I know he’s participating in a lot of variety shows, but after 1N2D ended, I don’t watch variety programs anymore, except Running Man here and there.  I’m seriously holding out that we’ll get a special 1N2D reunion with our beloved guys later in years to come…

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5 Responses

  1. That is sooooo cute! Aww… I didn’t know Hyuk before but I really felt the respect and admiration he had for SG, and for that, I think I already like him haha. Same with JiWon! I haven’t seen him in such a long time other than the three idiots episode with Jong-min and Su-geun where they were totally rooting for SG. That was so cute!

    Also… whatever happened to his Zipel CFs anyway?? I haven’t seen one in a year! Last time was last year I think, and he had a fanmeet regarding that too. Does he not endorse Samsung anymore?

  2. Me too.. I want seunggi reunion with eun jiwon,kang hodong,kim c,mc mong,lee sugeun and kim jongmin,really really miss them a lot..the way jiwon called seunggi name,i believe he miss seunggi too..dindang couple is only one of my favourite couple..great great chemistry!!

  3. Count me in guys!!! for the reunion of the 6 namjas..I was off on vareity since 1n2d S1 ended and had just recently watching RM when Seunggi is in it along with NoF..but if these guys will reunite in 1 show there’s no doubt that i’ll be staying for good with the show-:)

    Till now I’m still not quite used hearing someone calls Seunggi as a “sunbaenim” co’z it seems like yesterday, when i used to know this young boy.. But then every time someone calls him sunbaenim, i came to realize that the boy i used to knew now, was the hottest man that girls could ever dream of -:)

  4. Subbed video: http://dai.ly/x18mibh
    Thank you :)

  5. i knew this looong time ago…. Hyuk had been mentioning about seunggi in VixxTV(if i’m not mistaken…confuse with mydol)… he said that he really repsect our seunggi shi..hehehe

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