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Lee Seung Gi Performs at Cartier Korea 2014 New Year Party

Cartier 2014 New Year Party, held on March 11, 2014.  Great high quality pics.  Looks like FEELGRAPHY was the official photographer for the event.  Wish there was video or audio of the live performance.  Seunggi so handsome and his usual charming self.

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Lee Seung Gi Performs at Another Private Cartier Event

March 11, 2014.  Cartier Korea ‘2014 New Year Party’ private company event.  Omg I was so uber excited when these photos surfaced~ our princely Seunggi performing in front of the iconic Cartier panther and logo backdrop!  Seunggi and Cartier are always love~♥️  (Last December, he performed at a swank Cartier holiday party).  A blog post, later privated, said Seunggi performed at the company event.  The awesome photo above was posted to instagram, saying Seunggi sings great and “my throat is completely hoarse thanks to our Seunggi 😍😝”

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[Style] Noonas over Flowers – Lee Seung Gi’s Cartier watch

With Noonas Over Flowers posting unbelievable ratings for cable, and even rivaling the big 3 broadcast channels, the popular fashion and style of Seunggi (and the two younger noonas) has been getting lots of attention.  Seunggi’s always worn Cartier timepieces, but his $12,800 Calibre de Cartier pink gold steel watch worn on NoF has been lighting up the Korean blogosphere.  Luxe accessories are always popular, but paired in a subtle and natural way~~ Perfect!  Some screen caps feat. our lovely hardworking Porter Guide and his Cartier watch~~

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Lee Seung Gi recently performed at Cartier company party

Dec. 16, 2013.  Photo posted at DCLSG.  Originally from a blog with the title “Cartier Party.”  Blogger said Seunggi was the invited performer this year and wrote~ “Lee Seunggi sings so well and although I was never that interested in him… he was definitely very charming.”  Must have been super swank holiday party.  Check out those branded champagne bottles.  Seunggi definitely loves his Cartier timepieces.  And I love him in Cartier accessories.  Hope more photos surface.

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Lee Seunggi and stars for Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague [Woman Sense Magazine]

Another fan photo from the July 3, 2013, Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague launching.  W Seoul – Walkerhill Hotel.  Also excerpt about Seunggi from Woman Sense Magazine and his thoughts on what the must-have hot item is~~~ puahahaha.

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