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[Style] Noonas over Flowers Ep 2 – Seunggi in Tom Ford

Looking great in these Tom Ford shades.
And all the better, together with the HERITORY knit top.

I felt so bad for Seunggi here.  PD Lee chewing him out.
And then Seunggi sincerely saying, it was his fault, he should’ve let the 2 oldest noonims know he was stopping to discuss exchange rate money with Miyeon.  But I’m thinking… how come the 2 older noonims walked ahead and didn’t even check to see if Seunggi and Miyeon were with them.  And Miyeon noona, while supportive and encouraging, she gets SO exasperated about things and loves to lecture Seunggi.  Reminds me of the nagging (but loving!) older women in my family.

At least, Seunggi looked handsome and put together with these shades!
Dear Seunggi~~ rooting for you all the way!

via Naver blog

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