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Seunggi attends Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague launching

(video: AirenVideo)

July 3, 2013.  Cartier Paris Nouvelle Vague launching.  W Seoul – Walkerhill Hotel.  There were no early press photos of Seunggi because he showed up much later.  Other actors and actresses attending the event included Kim Namgil, Go Soo, Lee Dongwook, Ji Jinhee, Ha Jiwon, Kim Heesun, Yooon Eunhye, and Choi Siwon.  Event blogs said Seunggi appeared at the event last, and didn’t sit around or hang out.  (That’s so Seunggi!)  And that people crowded around him when he arrived!  Great shots of Seunggi (and others) at blog.naver.com/sugababes81.

Telescope exhibit~~ Love the event goer girls with their phone cams!

Love all these candid shots of Seunggi~~~!!!

She must be the display curator.  Great black cocktail dress I’d love to have!

Hehe, LSG looks kinda nervous~~??

Big party, club scenes definitely aren’t his thing!  Love that about him!

Seunggi listening so attentively to curator lady~~~

Why am I imagining some super lucky girl receiving a Cartier piece in the future?!

I could totally see Seunggi personally picking out a lovely piece for his woman!

With celeb stylist to the stars, Jung Yoon Ki.

Hope Seunggi’s Cody was there to see this go down!

Hope Cody learned something!

Attracting a crowd wherever he goes~~~~

People are said to always be fascinated by seeing Seunggi in real life, sometimes more so than other stars, because they feel so familiar with him through his TV image (through his popular dramas, variety and music shows and uhm-chin-ah CFs).  And that they’re so curious to see what he’s like in real life…. no disappointments, of course, since he’s the real deal!

Seriously, Cody gets WAY too many perks~~~!!!!

Attending all the events and stuffs…. and for doing what?!?!?!

Love love love the event backdrop~~~~

The artistic interpretation of one of my fave cities, Paris, is very cool!

My top two fave display pieces~~~

Wish our Seunggi would buy for me~~~!!!!  puahahahahaha.  Yeah right.

Love that GD performed at the event.

His quirky yet classy style is a perfect match.

Seriously, there’s no one like GD in Korea.  Truly, Korea’s top performer and artist!

Would love Cody to assemble things in a way that fits Seunggi’s own fashion style.  Just because you bring in super expensive, designer brand clothes doesn’t mean it’s a great look.  Although I’m not digging the baggy pants, the draw-string MC Hammer pants have a distinct style, especially with the white t-shirt.  Now, why the heck, Cody would pair that with that jacket is beyond me?!

Cody always so perfect at finding two perfectly great separate pieces, and totally assembling them in a nonsensical way.  Wish Cody would seriously not try so effin hard.  Hope Cody got a good look at the simple, classy looks the other stars were wearing and learned something for once in his life!  I’m nervous about the Esquire shoot……….. *praying hard*  hahaha.

And~~~ Seunggi~~~ really miss you~~!!!  We need some Hawaii sighting news!!

Images: As labeled

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4 Responses

  1. Dear Ann,
    Your insight always brings the events ‘alive’ for us! Thank you so much! Love his nerdy unease. Hahaha. Though I agree with you; he’s eyeing those pieces with learning and, perhaps, acquiring in mind.

  2. Hi Ann, you’re so right, I’m not digging the pants either :D , Still, the smile is forever radiant :)

  3. To think Cody has been styling Seunggi for the longest time, he’d figure out what suits him the best. But I guess even that is asking too much! His hair is always a miss rather than a hit. Thankfully Seunggi offsets the awful style it with his affable charm and wit

  4. GD’s fashion lately has been pretty meh and just weird, at least he came dressed up for the event. I’m not digging the pants either but I’m pretty used to cody’s antics by now.

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