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Heritory BTS: The King 2 Hearts + CF filming [May 2012]

Seunggi’s TK2H filming at Heritory [May 2012]
Wow, I love this BTS video of Seunggi, especially set to his lovely voice…

(video: naeseunggi)

Heritory 2012 Summer Fashion – BTS filming [May 2012]
Seunggi recommends the white jacket look… Yay for  crisp white summer styles…!

[LSG cut]  Hello to everyone who’s loved Heritory. Happy to meet you. I’m Heritory model, Lee Seunggi.  Upon skimming the catalog, you’ll see there are a lot of various stylish tones and colors.  Take the Heritory white jacket, and make a statement by adding a handkerchief…  I think it’ll be a charming and refreshing gift for everyone…

English: LSGfan, Video: 보미 김

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