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Lee Seung Gi’s ideal type has changed to Ha Ji Won [Section TV recap, 2012.05.20]

LSG: My ideal type has changed. Ha Jiwon sunbaenim is very much my ideal type. Filming together, I found her have a lot of charms.
R: How about Jung Yoo Mi style?
LSG: The best! (LOL)
R: But how about Ha Jiwon?
LSG: [hesitating…] Both are the best! I think both of them are the best! (LOL)
JYM: My mom really likes Seunggi. She asked me to get his signature, but I told her I’d be too embarrassed (non-TV-appropriate term bleeped!)
R: This is Jung Yoomi’s doppelganger (with the same name)…

English: LSGfan, Videos: Leeseunggiworld

On the set of the Heritory CF shoot.  Asked about his ideal type… seriously, does he always have to get asked this?!  Reporter dude says last time on Section TV, Seunggi said his ideal type was ditzy hot girls.  (Actually, that was Lee Jaeha’s ideal type!  But Seunggi said those type of girls were okay too!  He’s such a guy!). He says his ideal type has recently changed…

Ha, a changing type of guy… responding that HJW and JYM are BOTH great!?!

Reporter shows their internet profile pages.  OMG, his Naver photo hairstyle!  He’s asked when the photo was taken and Seunggi says around 2007.  Gosh, he doesn’t even seem phased by the totally non-star look.  (should I be annoyed or relieved by that?!  Is it too much to have Seunggi be represented like an actor star??!!!  I really despise Hook sometimes!)

Listening to music and playing soccer are listed as his hobbies.  He’s asked if he’ll consider joining Section TV’s MC  Kim Young Man’s ‘Miracle’ soccer team of gagmen MCs.  Seunggi says MC Kim is actually a neighbor.  Reporter says then it would be even more awkward if Seunggi were to refuse, to which he says he’s grateful he hasn’t received an invitation to join the team!  His message to MC Kim~ I’m happy with just maintaining the good relationship I currently have with you hyungnim!

The area under awards is jam-packed for Seunggi.  He’s asked what type of award he’d like now, to which he says since he’s doing a drama so it would be great to have something good happen at the end of the year…  Reporter teases him for bringing up the awards already and jokingly tosses the big profile page aside!

Jung Yoomi’s profile.  Reporter jokingly notes the very empty area under awards.  It lists one~ 2011 SBS New Star (SBS hands out 10 awards to new actors).  When asked which award she’d like to have, she says ‘Best Couple Award.’

When asked who she’d like to get the award with, she hesitates, and then says Lee Seung Gi… in a forced way! Ha.  They all laugh, since it was so obvious that it was forced!  Haha.  Seunggi even teases her about it!  He’s always so good-natured and self-deprecating!  Both their reactions and laughter is funny…

She jokes that it was a very big impactful scene, the whole 2 seconds she was on screen for movie ‘Silmido.’  Seunggi jokes, asking when did she appear, he doesn’t remember.  His expression during the clip is so cute!

Later, JYM says her mom really likes Seunggi and wanted his autograph… Hahaha.  Reporter mentions how there’s another actress with the same name…

JYM: [I thought about changing my name] but nothing appealed to me.
R: Seunggi, why don’t you think of a fitting name?
JYM: If it’s okay sounding, I’ll really think about changing it.
R: Really??!!
JYM: Yes.
LSG: So you want…
R: a mysterious name…
LSG: How about ‘Jung Magic’ (Omg, LOL!)
R: Sounds great!!! Jung Magic, we’ll be anticipating your activities!

English: LSGfan, Video: Leeseunggiworld

OMG~~~ Hilarious.  Jung Magic!  Mysterious sounding?!?!  Why does it sound more like a porn-star type name to me!  LOL.  I don’t think he meant mysterious in that way(?!), but I think that’s WHY reporter and Jung Yoomi bust out laughing!

They say goodbye.  And Seunggi being the consummate well-mannered pro asks viewers to continue to show a lot of love for The King 2 Hearts and Rooftop Prince (that Jung Yoomi was in).

Reporter teases him at the end, saying the name of his drama came out clearly but not so with the other drama!  Seunggi jokes back, saying isn’t it called Rooftop Prince but says it a stuttering way, cracking reporter and Yoomi up!  Funny and cute.

And at the way end of the Section TV episode, MC Kim’s message to Seunggi…

MC: Dear Seunggi, forget soccer, let’s get together sometime and play foot volleyball in the neighborhood! I feel confident in that! (Ha, I really miss 1N2D foot volleyball!)

As for Seunggi’s golden shoes and white jacket look (minus the gold tie?!?!) from TK2H Ep 13… Um, no comment…  what’s there to say?!

At least the gold shoes paired with the gold metal tie wasfull-out totally over the top for the drama, but in real life, please… noooo~~~!!!

Entire Section TV cut

(video: leeseunggiworld)

Images: As labeled, LSGfan, Naver

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2 Responses

  1. Ah, such a lovely post. Thanks Ann.
    Love his interviews always, especially Section TV ones. Those with the girl were great and I am digging this guy too. (He did one with the four TK2H cast members and it was hilarious.)
    Jung Magic?! Hahaha.
    And I have nothing to say about those shoes. I also have nothing to say about the seduction outfit, only that it’s my least favorite in his TK2H wardrobe.

  2. I wonder what his relationship is with that girl from rooftop prince… i tot she was ha ji won at first.

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