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Lee Seunggi goes sophisticated-casual for 2012 S/S Heritory

I’m hoping there’s a hairstyle mandate/law within the fictional constitutional monarchy and that Lee Jaeha will be required to wear hair extensions when he becomes King!  As mentioned in the Seunggi- Jung Yoomi Heritory post, I sorta miss Seunggi’s hot messy hair. It’s the hairstyle that fits his features the best.  But like I said, Lee Jaeha definitely looks very manly and mature with the short hair!  Can’t complain, especially when Jaeha’s being all tough guy, confused, trying not to show his feelings with Hangah!  However, I really LOVE these Heritory 2012 S/S Collection photos…

Heritory fashion is a great fit and sponsor for Prince Jaeha.  Looking forward to more!

Seunggi looks so Wall Street!  Sophisticated and put-together, but he’s able to pull it off without giving off an arrogant, snotty feel…  unlike most Wall Streeters!!!

Seunggi’s next public service activity should be “library study buddy!”   He would make any boring subject fun and interesting…  I can see him making up awesome games to memorize information!

Love the khaki cargo pants, pale yellow polo shirt, army green spring jacket ensemble!  The colors look great together and the relaxed but slim fit looks perfect!

Aw, I just love these!  How can you not?!  Doe-eyed Seunggi!  So hot, yet so adorable.

Images: leeseunggiworld

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3 Responses

  1. Hot and Adorable!!!
    I realise it coincides with JaeHA!!! :)

  2. Uri SeungGi is perfect!
    Heritory is perfect for him!

  3. Hi! When you’re not too busy, could you write a post about Jae Ha’s fashion? I have such high respect for your very informative observations on Seung Gi fashion. Thank you very much!

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