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Perioe 46cm CF: Seunggi’s tips for good breath [May 2011]

Hope the new-version Perioe CF Seunggi recently filmed, only includes him!  I didn’t like having my The King 2 Hearts world and King Lee Jaeha serious mode interrupted by this Perioe CF with the smothering gag lady’s~ Seunggi-yah! after the episodes’ closing credits.   Now, I remember why I didn’t post this CF from last year…

Perioe CF [ May 2011]

G: Hello…  LSG: Hello.
G: How is our Seunggi doing?  LSG: Me, well I’m…
G: Seunggi-yah~~  LSG: Maintain good spatial distance with Perioe 46cm.

English: LSGfan, Video: leeseunggiworld02

He’s really cute in this CF.  Just not the best follow-up to serious TK2H vibe.  But Perioe changed the audio to ”Our Majesty’ instead of ‘Our Seunggi’ during those CFs.

The Perioe 46cm concept is kinda cool.  It’s based on anthropologist Edward Hall’s work on different types of spatial distances between people.  (Did I really research this?!)  He categorized ‘intimate distance’ to be 46 cm or less.  So use Perioe 46cm to maintain good intimate spatial relations! Perioe’s a well-established, family-friendly LG brand, so I don’t think they mean ‘intimate’ in THAT way only.

Great tips from Seunggi~~ Love it!  Tongue scrapers are definitely a must!

[Theater version CF] At the end…Seunggi’s Lesson 1

LSG: Lessen bad breath… Lesson 1.
1) Prepare a spoon.
2) Scrape your tongue.
3) Check the smell.
Anyone’s breath can smell within 46cm. So make sure to use Perioe 46cm.
G: Perioe 46cm is located in the mart, not the pharmacy.

English: LSGfan, Video: seewonPakrk

[Theater version CF] At the end…Seunggi’s Lesson 2

LSG: Lessen bad breath… Lesson 2.
1) Lick the top part of your hand.
2) Wait 3 seconds.
3) Check the smell.
Everyone worries about bad breath within 46 cm. With Perioe 46cm, no more bad breath. And Perioe 46cm can be found at your mart, not the pharmacy.

English: LSGfan, Video: seewonPakrk

Even Seunggi’s had enough of this Gag Lady…!!!

Don’t know why, but I love Seunggi in this super bright fuchsia feathered boa~~!!!!

Let’s hope the recent Perioe filming included brand new photos.  And please with very good hair! since it’ll be photoshopped on everything!  I remember when everyone sorta freaked out over his unexpected new razored-cut hairstyle!!  Hehehe.

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Images: Naver, Perioe, As labeled

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