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Lee Seung Gi talks acting-singing, meeting Ha Ji Won, and The King 2 Hearts sequel? [Post TK2H interview]

Lee Seung Gi, acting with Ha Ji Won a ‘wish come true’…
and as an actor, many things were gained

English: LSGfan via Daily Focus

[June 10, 2012. Reporter Chung Sun Shik] Starting out at 16.2% with the first episode, the tv ratings decreased over time. However, he was not shaken. Lee Seung Gi (25) said, ‘If I was conscientious about tv ratings from the start, I would have been more mindful about a specific genre or target audience. I was taken aback at first, however, it would’ve been like winning the lottery if even the tv ratings had been high.’

‘Long time ago, if the tv ratings did not come out well, I would think it was a huge deal or that my popularity was waning. (laughs) But I believe actors also need to make decisions based on projects and characters. With a North-South Korea story in the foreground, ‘The King 2 Hearts’ was not a story that a lot of people could easily empathize with. However, as an actor, I learned the proper method to hone my skills, thus, I gained so many things.’

More than the melo storyline between the two lead actors, ‘The King 2 Hearts’ involved a heavy and serious story and the pressure on Lee Seung Gi was quite formidable. During the drama, there was death, kidnapping, among other things and demanded a lot from the lead actors.

‘There isn’t a more varied and complicated character like Lee Jaeha. His older brother faces accidental death, his younger sister becomes paralyzed from the waist-down. Even the woman he loves gets kidnapped. As a real person, this character could have just died due to all the hardship. I think I naturally immersed myself, thinking ‘What would Lee Jaeha have done?’ or ‘How would Lee Jaeha shown his love?’ Teachers Lee Soon Jae and Yoon Yeo Jung also taught me a lot. While doing this project, it was the first time I felt I was fully acting entirely as the character.’

It was one of of his wishes to act with Ha Jiwon. During filming, he even mentioned Ha Jiwon as his ideal type in an entertainment show interview. Responding to this, Lee Seunggi said, ‘It was a wish of mine to act with Jiwon noona, so my wish came true through this drama.’ (laughs)

‘I met Jiwon noona at an event a few years ago. At that time, I told her I wanted to act with her sometime, but Jiwon noona didn’t say anything and only giggled. So inside, I felt disheartened thinking I had been rejected. However, when I got to know her, Noona tends to be very shy and gets embarrassed easily and has a cautious personality, and so after things were finalized later on, she said she acted that way because she wasn’t sure we’d be able to work together. However, I feel disappointed since the melo line in this drama was kind of weak. If the opportunity arises, I’d like to do a deep love story with Jiwon Noona in a ‘The King 2 Hearts’ sequel. Ha Ha.’

Active on various fronts as a singer, actor, MC, I asked him point-blank: ‘Is Lee Seung Gi an actor, or is he a singer?’ He answered in a profound way, ‘I tend to be good at being an actor and singer.’

‘While there are many singers who are acting, I don’t think there are many people who can immediately go from actor to singer, and singer to actor in an active and organic way. I believe there’s a synergy effect I have in this area. Rather than be solely immersed in one area, I want to create energy in diverse fields. Actor, singer, I don’t want to let go of either things.’

Lee Seung Gi is the representative ‘uhm-chin-ah’ ‘model student’ ‘Nation’s son.’ It’s to the degree that he is famous for being known as ‘Lee Seung Gi that the paparazzi have given up on.’

Lee Seung Gi said, ‘At first, I felt very burdened by this type of image, but if I were to be conscientious of it, I would end up getting stifled by it without realizing it, so these days, I just do as I would comfortably and naturally’ and added, ‘While I may come off lacking if I say this, but it would be good if people didn’t overestimate me.’ (laughs)

The lifestyle that Lee Seung Gi prefers is simple and somewhat lackluster. In his free time, he exercises and has drinks with friends once in a while  and that’s pretty much it. When he rests, his personality tend to go for 3 nights 4 days at the most, and when he travels, he prefers to sight-see rather than rest or recuperate.

‘I think it would be great to rest when I’m involved in a project, but once I’m resting, I find there’s not much to it. I think that a break isn’t that necessary. Therefore, I’m thinking I should get involved in filming my next project in the latter part of this year.’

Ok, come on reporter.  I think Seunggi does do SOME more fun and interesting things in his spare time!  I don’t think Koreans really get self-deprecating humor!  And, ok, can we all agree that Lee Seung Gi is truly perfect HUSBAND material??!!!

Some girl, some day, is going to be sooooo super duper lucky!!!!

Oh Seunggi~~~ sometimes, your sincerity, honesty, and humility is just too much!  Like we’re not used to our celebs and actors not being all arrogant, pompous, self-abosrbed, and talking in spin!  But that’s why we like you, because while we love your acting and how you play your characters, we are foremost fans of the real-deal Lee Seung Gi.  And that’s what sets you apart from others!!!

More importantly… please tell me the press outfits get better!  (*shakes fist at Cody*)

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16 Responses

  1. Everyone~~~!!! Today is Seunggi press interview release day with tons of articles, so make sure to refresh the Naver news link all day long and click to the articles!… (while MNET voting!) because he never gives press interviews so this is a total first. And thankfully, the outfits are getting better! hehehe.


  2. Absolutely with you for every words…aigoo.. Seung Gi ya, you aren’t just adorable, but also respectable!
    Him telling story about his meeting with Ha Ji Won years ago and how she react is..totally a honest!(Or at least I feel so), and he understand about the rating, the popularity…how can people don’t respect you???

    And absolutely definitely agree with this: “can we all agree that Lee Seung Gi is truly perfect HUSBAND material??!!!”. Absolutely agree!!!

    About outfit…hmm…I’m still immersed in his Jae Ha’s suit, and honestly I want him in that outfit..but, I don’t think this is bad (because I compared with the photo in hook’s tweet-well that’s disaster)

    Oh yea, Ann, do you know that apparently he do 10 INTERVIEWS in the same time? I believe this one is also one of the interviews. Can’t wait for the next deep and humble interview!!

  3. You would like to do a deep love story with HJW onnie
    Oh you so honest oppa
    I’d love to see it too
    Can’t wait for next interview

    • Yes to TK2H sequel! So he really wanted a deep love story between them..he is just too honest…haha. That is why he really took advantage of the very little opportunities he had with HJW in the drama…LOL. His kisses , hugs and hand movements were for real. We wanted more skinship but then..let us wait for the sequel. Fingers crossed !

  4. “while we love your acting and how you play your characters, we are foremost fans of the real-deal Lee Seung Gi. And that’s what sets you apart from others!!!” Totally True ! Whenever Seunggi says or does something , we can sense its not camouflaged in PR glitter-talk or action but genuine output from his heart .
    Sigh ..Somewhere out there is a crazy lucky & blessed girl whose finally gonna win his heart & do all the simple yet lovely & romantic things he mentioned.

  5. The only thing I can say is….the more we know and read about him, the more we adore him!
    Thank you Seunggi for granting gazillions of interviews and the pictures overload. Rest assured we will never have enough!
    I really really hope he wins the MNET award, because there’s no one more deserving than him!!!

  6. aaaaaa, Love Oppa more and more :D

  7. As said before HJW and LSG did not get much lovey dovey screen time in TK2H…hopeful for a TK2H sequel to emphazise on their deep love…Yay!!!

  8. First, thank you so much for translating these articles…I really appreciate A LOT! Seung Gi-yah! Why do you have to be such an awesome person? You’re just THE man of my dream but unfortunately I’m not the one for you! LOL! He’s the complete-total-perfect husband package I can think of. Just like what you said, who ever that girl he’ll marrying someday is such a super duper uber lucky girl :D

  9. Sigh. We feel you LSG…we also thought your melo scenes with HJW were too short and too few…although its impossible…please make another project with her before your MS.
    First time encountering a k-celeb who’s very outspoken and direct with his thoughts. He’s very honest without being reckless. I guess this is what being an MC does to you.
    I hope he concentrates on his singing. I’m a new fan of his, he sings good but he’s still lacking in some areas, I do hope he takes this time to hone his singing skills, now that he has no variety show obligations.

  10. He needs to have a better hair-do…why is his cody too obsessed with curling his hair? I noticed in earlier and 2009 era of 1n2d, his hair was the best then (non-permed) so did he change his cody? Maybe he needs a female cody. Most kpop-idols who are groomed well have female codys.

  11. i hope le seung gi and ha ji won the king 2 heart sequel,please..

  12. ooohhhh!!!! deep love story…oh boy u r wearing ur hearts up on ur sleeves dear LSG…. cant wait to watch ur deep love story with Ha Ji Won….OMG!!!! please sequel!!!!!!!

  13. I love you Oppa

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