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Smoldering-Sweet Lee Seung Gi for ‘The Best’ album photos

Wahhh, Lee Jae Ha made me cry so much in The King 2 Hearts ep 18!  huhu.  I need images of Actor Lee smiling (no lurking danger or gun to his head!) to get me through the aftermath of this epic, intense, emotional…  Hot, smoldering, yet sweet-adorable photos of Singer Lee Seung Gi for his recent ‘The Best’ album should help…??!!

I really miss his hot messy Hwan hair!!!!  Bring it back soon please!!!!

One-quarter smile~~~~???!!!!!  Ackkkkkkk!!!!!!

How can you be so adorably cute in just an instant like this….?????

Images:  Leeseunggiworld, DCLSG

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8 Responses

  1. Pic #6 and #7:
    The reason I bought the best, *grin*

    • You and I always have the same (good?!) taste in look/fashion for him!! hehehe We need to be his Codys!!! Hopefully silly ridiculous Cody learned something while tagging along on the TK2H set!!!

  2. OMG~ So hot and cute at the same time~

  3. so handsome, cute..uri oppa..

  4. He is sooooooo handsome ever!

  5. miss him together with han Hyo Joo……so much

  6. I have had a “The Best” cd&dvd album of Seung Gi in Japan in this month. That is a big gift for my own birthday..hihi..I really say..Thank you to Seung Gi..a cup of coffee in every morning..

  7. i also brought the best cd too :) but i like all the photo…

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