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Kolon Sport summer couple look from SeungGi – MinJung

Love all the stylish outdoorsy and regular-wear stuff from Kolon Sport, but let’s avoid the zany mis-matched part-solid, part-striped patterned jacket stuff, and stick with the less is more conceps, like the awesome subtle, less-is-more looks and the layered jacket and hoodie looks…

Way too much photoshopping them in together madness in the print ads…  Let’s get them in the studio together!  And Minjung looks like a super-hero wannabe trying to fly below!  No more solid-striped jackets please.

Still love these never-ending print ads of the Lee Seung Gi TAKE photo bag…!!!

Outdoor brands continue to be all the craze in Korea (and worldwide, with stylish looks showcased at the New York fashion shows).  Kolon Sport’s been doing well in the super competitive market, and was recently ranked #1 among outdoor brands in the recent Brandstock index in Korea, followed by K2 at #2 and North Face at #3.  Congrats!

via Asiae; Images: Kolon Sport

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