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1n2d PD Shin’s protective SeungGi tweet

(cr: http://twitpic.com/2dpf4m;  PD Shin~ twitter.com/Shinhjpd)

PD Shin’s photo tweet:
Watching SBS drama at KBS (because the boss has gone to watch soccer. ke) One line review; MiHo yah, hurry up and hands off!! ke ke

Ha ha ha.  Because of Seunggi’s nation’s younger brother status in Korea, a lot of people seem to be a bit taken aback by MiHo’s love and clinging towards DaeWoong! ke ke ke.  More than that…

I love that PD Shin and the 1n2d family and hyungs at KBS are totally supporting SeungGi and his SBS drama!  It’s very hard not to root for our SeungGi, right?! :) Make sure to click on PD Shin’s twitpics and show some love!

PD Shin is known to tweet about her beloved kitty on her twitter…
Here’s her Gumiho reference tweet from today…

(cr: http://twitpic.com/2ek8ns)

PD Shin’s photo tweet:
I’m so tired I feel like my tails are going to come out…
Guess your fortune is to have a comfortable life fortune.

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho fans probably picked up on the reference?!  Line from Episode 2 when after Daewoong and Miho have been eating chicken and drinking beer, he’s at the kitchen sink thinking about how to take MiHo out to sea since she just told him that’s one place where her other sensory skills get weakened…  MiHo rushes in and cuts off his thoughts and tells DaeWoong that she’s so excited that her tails are about to come out and that she wants to show him and also do the “hoi-hoi” friendship signal too! ha ha ha. Hong Sisters and their inuendos!  Especially when DaeWoong is like be gentle with me! ha ha ha.

Here’s a note PD Shin posted on her cyworld a while back about SeungGi.  Not sure of the exact date but I think it was maybe after he won some award?!

(fanart cr: kr4ever@soompiLSG)

PD Shin, thank you for showing so much love for SeungGi! :)

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6 Responses

  1. loving their affection toward seung gi…but, which is PD shin actually? she must’ve came out once in 1n2d right…theres one pretty PD I saw, but I don’t who is she…the one who dyed her hair brown and ecompanied Ji Won in his recent BBB punishment…or is it the woman who always sit beside PD na?….hmmmm….so curious…

  2. pd shin is the one who’s usually right next to pd na. she’s shown a lot on 1n2d.

  3. Pd shin who was with KHD when he was left alone
    in Ep 155 when all the guys wore a school uniform.

  4. actually, the pd with KHD during the school uniform trip wasn’t PD shin… I think that pd may be a more newer person? i hadn’t seen her on camera much until recent eps, while we saw pd na and pd shin often.

  5. wow!!!!!!!! Rival tv station staff watching another station drama??!!!!! that is the charm of Seung Gi…!!

    What will happen if the boss read or heard about it??? hehehe…

  6. PD Shin is soo nice! i loved everything she said about seunggi – soo touching! im so moved..

    im having a back track here… too many posts to dig in! ;)

    but im enjoying every post.. :)

    thanks again! i really love this blog.. ;)

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