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Countdown to vote SeungGi for 2010 SDA Awards

*** Aug 27th ~ Final ~115,108 votes. Congrats Seunggi ***
Winners to be formally announced on August 30, 2010.

(photo cr: tryp96tumblr; The Saem cosmetics)

Thought a pictoral representation of a well-suited SeungGi might get everyone motivated to continue voting!  Yes, we’ve been all “Losing our Minds” because of the too-adorable-for-words DaeWoong and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho…  but now that we made it through the premiere first week and episodes 1 and 2 and hopefully if we’re all still breathing (!), let’s remember to keep voting for SeungGi for the 2010 Seoul Drama Awards Best Star Award!

SeungGi still has a big lead but we still have 11 more days to go and you just never know… so let’s keep voting.  Sort of like the 50%+ votes he got for the Baeksang Awards Popularity Award, let’s try to get SeungGi a really high percent of the votes for the Seoul Drama Awards too!

Lee Seung Gi ~

1st place: Current ranking in TOTAL votes = 92,819 votes

On the rankings page, you can also see the number of votes broken down by the language site used to vote (Korean, Japanese, or English)…

1st place: Current ranking on Korean page = 37,566 votes

1st place: Current ranking on Japanese page = 34,419 votes

1st place: Current ranking on English page = 20,834 votes

Non-Korean and Non-Japanese speaking fans~ let’s bring up those English site votes, okay?!  I know a lot of us have been have been getting error messages when trying to vote recently, but like many already commented previously, if you try a few times, it finally lets you in.

Also, some fans are reporting that the multiple voting is not as easy as before, so if that doesn’t work, just vote at least on each of the 3 language sites and also on multiple computers if possible.  And every day!  So let’s be persistent and diligent… sort of how SeungGi is in all that he does! :)

See more voting and tips info at previous post:
2010 Seoul Drama Awards Best Star~ Vote for SeungGi

Vote for SeungGi at 2010 SDA Best Star yahoo site.

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