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PD Park tweets thanks to DaeWoong

(2009 SBS Entertainment Awards)

After Thursday’s Strong Heart filming, PD Park revealed part of the guest lineup… and, couldn’t help but to show love for Seunggi.  Aw, check out his sweet tweet…

We finished filming… Major thanks to Eun-ee who was totally daebak. Ah. we won’t be able to forget your talk and hope you get where Boa is. Teuk Academy showing us gags and comedy. Seungri’s bright variety sense and TaeYang’s dance. Ah. and more than anything, to DaeWoong-ah who has to start filming in about 5 hours~ Thanks… Ah. I won’t be able to forget HwangBo’s aegyo either.. ke ke. I should invite her mother on the show too…  (twitter.com/SBSPD)

Some of PD Park’s earlier tweets about Seunggi:

Today is the first filming day of SeungGi’s August 11th premiere of SBS drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.  SeungGi transforms into Cha DaeWoong… Daebak wishes. 

SeungGi, who didn’t even have a mobile phone a while back, now has a twitter.  Looks like he made it in the name of his drama character.  Wishing everyone to hurry up and follow his twitter.

Ah, you’re one of the PDs for the Gumiho team… We should definitely do a Gumiho special on Strong Heart, no? ke ke ke

omg, would so love to see a Gumiho special on Strong Heart! Will fans get to actually see this happen??!! omg, Hodong will just be so happy to tease Seunggi! :)

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One Response

  1. OGM!
    Please PD Park do Gumiho special on Strong Heart.
    Invite SMR and the cast, the rating would be 20+++

    Finger Cross.:)

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