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SeungGi filming with a fox, bear, or dog?

(cr: http://twitpic.com/1zqsvm)

Aw, how cute!  What can this be about?  SeungGi seems to like animals :)

Tweet 2: [SeungGi and ChaDol] After filming~ The two have been close since way back when…^_^ Both of them are too cute!!

Seems SeungGi did some sort of filming and he was playing with the guy’s dog after the shoot.  Not sure if it can be considered an endorsement filming per se… Twitter belongs to Cho Sae Hyun, a photographer listing Open Source for Social Welfare as his link.  Looks to be social documentary photo stuff… nice!

Tweet 1: We just finished filming.  Isn’t Lee Seung Gi really awesome?!

2 Responses

  1. Cute!!!

    i’m wondering when & where this pic is taken

    thanks Ann for the continuous updates!

  2. Cute!
    Thank you, ann, for always posting new and interesting stuffs about uri seunggi.
    But interesting animal though. If it wasn’t for his long tail I would’ve thougth it to be a baby bear. Maybe this is for animal awareness campaign?

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