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8.10.2015 ‘New Journey To The West’ Lee Seunggi and Hyungs Return to Korea + Public Context

(video: 아이폰 제작 영상)

8.10.2015 Press Video. New Journey To The West team arrives at Incheon Airport in Korea, returning from their 4 nights – 5 days filming trip to Xi’an, China.  Na PD looks exhausted and Seunggi looks radiant, per press headline and per usual lol.  Na PD said the guys and crew had a great time, as if time really hadn’t passed.  Aw.  And that ajusshi at 0:50~ finding his way to Seunggi to shake his hand in a job well done and pat him on the back^^

Seunggi seems like he had a great time filming!  Ya know, since our guy knows how to enjoy everything he does!  Thanks to all the amazing Airens who supported him while he was there. I’m sure Seunggi felt so touched and proud.  Plus, gave the rest of us 5 days of fun fanpic/fancam online stalking^^

So this is my first post for New Journey to the West – upcoming variety show, to be webcast on Naver in early September.

Some early thoughts — It will be interesting to see how they roll-out and promote the show, given the webcast format and public context surrounding the members:

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‘The Romantic’ – Seunggi and former 1N2D production team reunite, narrate new show about finding love set in Croatia

THE ROMANTIC, season 1, episode 1 cut – Narrator: Seunggi

[clip of the very sweet and romantic ‘Before Sunrise’ starring Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy] Do you remember the movie, ‘Before Sunrise?’  A romantic experience in a new place. What would happen if that story became a reality?

You too, can become the main person in a romantic movie…

A 10-day romantic getaway, in search of love’s destiny. It may be that once in a lifetime magical time that never comes again.

The excitement from traveling… a very special encounter found within.  Hello, I am the romanticist, Lee Seunggi.

The neighborhood mischievous kid. The pretty-faced little girl. The kid who dreamed to be a pianist. Living different lives in different places, this is a trip like no other. We present you with the 10 days of their romantic getaway trip.

English: LSGfan, Video: 87leeseunggi

Yay, more of Seunggi’s sweet narrating voice!  He’s going to be SO jealous with envy, seeing these people traveling in gorgeous Croatia, dating,  finding love, while um… he watches film footage and narrates THEIR love stories!  Ha.  ‘The Romantic’ is sorta similar to popular SBS reality show ‘Jjak’ (or Match), BUT has a travel abroad component, which makes it so more romantic!!!  And looks like a more high-brow, polished production.   Plus, it comes from former 1N2D’s PD Lee Myung Han (who’s loved LSG lots from the start), female PD Yoo, writers Daeju and others…

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Former 1N2D’s Shin PD’s tweet: “final group photo” dream

I had a dream. Everyone had gathered together dressed in formal wear, and were taking a final group photo together…  Keeping watch from afar, crying endlessly, I woke up.  So beautiful… heartfelt… lovely… I guess it is what I was wishing for… [Jan. 12, 2012]

twitter@Shinhjpd, English: LSGfan

Shin PD must be referring to 1N2D?!~~  I hope Na PD plans (or is permitted by KBS!) to wrap up the past 4+ years of precious memories on 1N2D’s own terms…  with a tribute to ALL the beloved 1N2D members and staff who spent every-other-weekend traveling overnight and giving their 100% effort to foremost bring laughter and tears to viewers and fans.  They cultivated a sense of family and brotherhood in the realest Korean sense of ups and downs, spats, genuine affection…  making 1N2D what it has become today, and sealing 1N2D’s place as the “nation’s show” in Korea…

We knew Kim C was fine, I felt so relieved to see recent photos showing that Mong and Hodong are indeed okay and haven’t lost hope~~ and perhaps, hopefully also found peace along the way too…

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Lee Seung Gi: Rumors on new SBS show + 1N2D Season 2

Here we go again.  Separating the TRUTH from all the RUMORS regarding Seunggi’s involvement in variety programs in the coming new year…

What we know to be TRUE (based on comments from official representatives)

  • 1 Night 2 Days Season 2  is in the works and will be helmed by Choi Jae Hyung PD (formerly of KBS Invincible Baseball).
  • 100-Person Table, a new SBS variety program set to air in March/April 2012, will be helmed by Shin Hyo Jung PD (formerly of KBS 1 Night 2 Days).
  • Hook Entertainment acknowledged that Seunggi has been asked to appear on the new SBS show “100-Person Table,” but no concrete details or plans have been discussed; and that confirmation of Seunggi as MC for this program is a false report.
  • SBS representatives state that nothing has been confirmed or finalized about Seunggi as MC for this new show.  However, they acknowledged that they are sending a lot of love calls to Seunggi to MC or participate in variety programs.

And at this point, only RUMORS (some true, some false, definitely contradictory!)…

  • Seunggi and the other members will not be participating in 1N2D Season 2.
  • Seunggi will be the MC of the new SBS show, 100-Person Table.
  • The show will be a talk show format program.
  • It will be a 1N2D-like program that tours Korea and accomplishes missions.
  • Along with Seunggi, 6-8 MCs will also be involved in the new show.
  • Cha Seung Won is in discussions of joining the show.

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School friend to Seunggi’s manager/umbrella butler [1N2D Friends Special]

*** UPDATED with 1N2D Friends Special [2009, April 19 & 26] video links ***
Definitely a must-watch if you haven’t seen it yet!  Hwan shows up on 1N2D!

It’s weird to see Seunggi’s junior high school friend, Min Kyung Hwan, by Seunggi’s side on tv and photos without his white judo outfit and buzz flat-top hair cut…

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