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Starving LSG & Gumiho references, 1n2d 8/8 cuts pt2

LSG video cuts from 8/8 1n2d episode:
(video credits: leeseunggiworld, tryp96; English translation: LSGfan)
** If you can’t see videos, refresh window a few times. Or click DM link above.

Video: Guys lounging while starving (and Gumiho references?)

[The guys are just lounging around waiting for directions from the PD]
SooG: If we’re just going ot hang out like this why don’t we just go home?!
KHD: Why don’t we go home?! PD! They don’t even send us home! They don’t even make us do anything! What gives?!
LSG: We have to figure out something for dinner… What are we going to do since we’re so hungry…
KHD: Let’s talk about something else other than food. Talking about food is too distressing.
LSG: Hyung, what are you going to do after filming ends tomorrow?
KHD: Eat of course!
LSG: I wonder if there’s something good to eat on the way back up.
PD: With this bad weather, aren’t you guys worried about Eun Ji Won?
LSG: How is he doing? Is he on his way?
EJW: 8:00! [he waits for bus to head to the basecamp]
KHD: It would be okay if we caught our own fish, right?
LSG: What do you plan to catch in this type of weather? You should just catch a human instead!
PD: I told you, after fasting, just sleep indoors.
KHD: So what is it that you want from us?!
SooG: Now, why is it that [PD] is pouty towards us?!
[Caption: VJ SeungGi]
[SooGeun starts doing some melodrama acting fro the camera! ha!]
KHD: So let’s eat to some degree…
SooG: [annoyed that KHD has interrupted his acting] Ah, really!
[Crew set up to eat right outside of room.]
SooG: Now, why do you guys have to eat here?!
[SeungGi films the various foods naming them]
SooG: Why is it that on days that we can’t eat, there’s always meat!

I hate when PD Na starves them and then eats in front of them!  Btw, that book SooGeun is reading… if you look closely, it looks like the My Girlfriend is a Gumiho script! Perhaps he and SeungGi were practicing their upcoming scene during the 1n2d filming breaks?!  Also, when SeungGi suggests HoDong catch a human instead of a fish, perhaps a reference to MiHo going after DaeWoong’s liver?!  They also had had that caption about “My Girlfriend is Kang Ho Dong” during the parody fashion show part. Since it was downtime, I’m sure the guys were talking about SeungGi’s drama!  Wish we could see more clips of those moments!

Robot shout out from DaeWoong to MiHo?

And an eagle-eyed DClsg fan pointed out the shirt SeungGi was sporting said “100% Robot” on the back…

You guys may remember MinAh’s Strong Heart story and her comments at the drama press conference about how she teasingly called SeungGi a robot because he was so knowledgeable about a lot of things and he never showed signs of exhaustion.  Is it possible that the filming for this 1n2d episode took place after the Strong Heart filming?  If so, was this a shout out from DaeWoong to MiHo?!  Or maybe just coincidence… the Faddy Robot shirt is indeed a hot item among kpop singers.  But, I don’t know… I think SeungGi’s cody may have planned this one!

Robot SeungGi? ~ Gumiho press conference~ LSG-SMA cuts (Eng subs)

Check out the front/back detail of the shirt…

(cr: FaddyRobotshop)

Loved the fit/look on SeungGi!  More of Seunggi in Faddy Robot in below clip…

Video: Hodong reams out SeungGi and Mong for eating

Basic summary: PD Na says the guys can get some food if they agree to participate in a bokbulbok game. KHD is totally for the idea as this means that not all the guys have to sleep outside. Also it’s one lousy plate of food which looks to be mostly greens. SeungGi says why do this when we can all comfortably sleep inside and so he and Mong decide to back in the room and not participate. KHD, KJM, SooG play rock-paper-scissors to see who gets the first chance to eat. SeungGi later comes out of the room to use the restroom and Hodong tries to coax him to take part in the Bokbulbok to which Seunggi refuses but of course has to think twice since he’s starving! Then they do the rock-paper-scissors and all put out scissors to which Seunggi realizes the guys have planned the outcome to which they deny it. At that point, Mong comes out and just starts eating the food, shocking the other guys. While they’re arguing and Mong is eating, SeungGi joins in and starts eating too! Hodong is totally shocked, he says ok Mong probably doesn’t undestand the rules since he wasn’t aorund so that makes sense, but wants to know what’s gotten into seunggi! Hodong reams them out while the two continue to eat. Hodong says the two should have to sleep outdoors to which Seunggi says that would be no fun, that they should all eat and all participate in the bokbulbok game… camera flashes elsewhere as we assume Hodong is beating up Seunggi for suggesting such a thing! LOL.

Video: SeungGi says goodnight to Mong-ee hyung

[The captions are subtitles of what they’re saying.]
LSG: Have a good night. See you tomorrow at the morning mission.
MCM: Yeah, sleep well.
LSG: Mong hyung, sweet dreams. I love you. hee hee hee.

So cute! I just love these guys! YB team forever! kekeke.  And can I just add that Mong was probably losing his mind after seeing MinAh all over SeungGi in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho eps 1 and 2!  He is probably going to give SeungGi a hard time about it at the next 1n2d filming for sure! :)

See English-caption screencaps from this episode at LSGfan post HERE.

See more LSG cuts from past 1n2d episodes:

7 Responses

  1. Thank you for the translation Part1&2

    Now are you becoming Ann a Robot ,like LSG a Robot?

    Let’s change Faddy Robot shirt to Anny Robot shirt

    Front: Anny
    Back : 100% Airen Robot!!!!!

    Hahaha :)

  2. ha ha ha ha. i can def relate to robot seunggi’s perfectionist and driven sort of personality! but his diligence is pretty superhuman and makes me feel like a lazy bum in comparison!

    funny, i usually don’t fall for the squeaky clean super nice type of guys… usually girls want to date bad guys but marry a good guy, but seunggi has def put a new twist on that… with girls realizing why would we want to be with a jerk of a guy??? (of course totally romanticized in kdramas!)

    his (robot?!) ambition, drive, and success totally appeals to me! of course and his beloved realness! and i think guys are getting the clue too…Talent, sincerity, cuteness, confidence, success are incredibly attractive traits that make girls swoon! ha ha ha.

  3. i would marry seunggi any day! seunggi, will you marry me?

  4. ann unnie, you’ve told everything i wanna say!
    and ellah, i second you:
    seunggi oppa, will you marry me!?

  5. lol…I just remembered a story, eunhyuk of Suju said during happy together sometimes ago…that idols secretly fulfill a mission for their GF to see during the show they participates…so, maybeeeee….is this something that related to that? If its true, then I would be really iggling to my heart right now….LSG noticibly shown his affection to SMA during his shows and also the recent interview….just maybeeee….arghhh…my imagination wants to go and run wild to this strory…

  6. it is now 3 45am in my country and should be asleep now. but couldn’t coz’ I’m anxious to find out the recording time after reading Ann and cheesy03 comments. haha!
    2d1n recording was on 16 July and SH recording was on 22 July. Did I disappoint anyone? hehe!



  7. i think when hodong said that seung gi ask him for relationship advice is in this episode, because Hodong said they were in beach…

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