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Sunkist Juice CF producer writes about “uhm-chin-ah” and “scandal-free” Lee Seung Gi

Here are behind the scenes footage from the filming of the Sunkist CF that came out last week. This juice is from the same company as his Pyong Chang Su water CF, so seems like he’ll be doing CFs for a few beverages in the Haitai company.

The comments left by the CF producer on his minhompy, after finishing up filming the CF, is really touching and says a lot about Seunggi.

I have worked with a few stars that have really personally touched me. Ahn Sung Ki, Jang Dong Geun, Kim Chang Whan, Yoon Do Hyun, Kim Min Jong to name some men, and Kim Hae Ja, Jun Do Yeon, Lee Na Young, Kim Jung Eun to name some women.  And when working with young stars or idols, you can sense a certain star scent that they give off.  Yesterday, I got that feeling from Lee Seung Gi, whom I filmed a CF for.  True to his national “uhm-chin-ah” moniker and image, he really was polite, well-mannered, sweet, and a genuine young man.  It made me realize how he has become a top star without any scandal.

(English translation: LSGfan)

(Images: tryp96; leeseungki.com)

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