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Fan accounts of bike riding with Seunggi in Tokyo

omg, as expected based on the earlier photos of just SeungGi on a bike, they definitely made him reenact the Hwan-Sung couple bike scene from Brilliant Legacy at his Tokyo fan meeting!  omg, Seunggi looks soooo embarrassed!  That smile and laugh on his face is priceless!!  ha ha ha.  But, I’m sure he had a great time making his fans happy.

Would like to see dancers change their outfits once in their lifetime please!

1n2d bokbulbok part even though it was more Brilliant Legacy promoted?!

Leaving his hotel the next morning…
Must have been soooo tiring to do two fan meetings back-to-back…

(Images:  As labeled; DClsg; eunice12345 @soompi; China Airen)


Fan Account 1…

(English translation: eunice12345 @soompi)

PART 1. He started the show by singing “you inside my heart”


MC: [Brilliant legacy] has set the highest rating for Fuji TV afternoon airing.

LSG : (smiling) Really? Thank you everyone!

MC : Asking the audience, LSG has been doing a good job as a singer, actor and MC which one do you like the most?
(for both MC and actor almost the same number of raise their hands, but when it come to as a singer ……)

LSG: Wow! This more than what I’ve expected.  (LSG used Japanese to reply and the MC was very surprised that he can used such difficult phrases)

LSG : Oh! I actually memorized them haha!

NEXT – They have the following character shown on the [华、丽、な、る、遗、产、이、승、기] LSG is to pick one of the character and answer a question.

The first one he chose [华].  This question consist of a few photo from BL.

1) Hwan with grandmother – LSG explain how he has to keep practicing using different tone call out “harmoni”
2) Hwan carrying sumei in school uniform. – (Some of you may have seen this photo before). When Hwan was carrying Sumei, his hand actually didn’t touch her at all, they even highlighted it so that everybody can see.  Next, the MC ask what is the best way to eat the Beef bone soup?  LSG again used Japanese to answer the question.

The next the character he chose[기]. This question was for the audience to answer and one of the Japanese emo fan got it right.

LSG: You are right! How many time have you watch BL?

Japanese fan A: countless time

Question 2 involved the kissing at the bridge and it was answered by a Japanese fan but gave the answer in Korean.

The third character he chose [승]. LSG has to chose 3 scenes that left the best impression for him.

BEST3: hwan and eunsung dating scene – eunsung feeding hwan at the restaurant. It was because at this scene that he dirtied the sponsored suit so he has to purchase it.

MC : so you were filming and shopping at the same time! Ha!!

BEST2: Grandma slapped him when he was coming down from the staircase.

BEST1: The kissing scene.  (This fan expected some screaming from the audience but was surprised that everyone was so quiet)

Here, LSG explained that he was actually very tired when filming this scene as he didn’t sleep the day before and 10 NG during the filming.

PART 2. Audience to choose the best 3 scenes.

BEST3: In the crowded bus where hwan shielded eunsung.

BEST2: When Hwan used the flower pot to shield eunsung from the sun

BEST1: When eunsung brought hwan ice cream. He said that because of the ice cream, his Korean sound a bit different (not accurate). And so he said that if you want to learn Korean by watching BL please do not learn from this scene.

NEXT – One lucky fan was chosen to ride at the back of bicycle with LSG. However, our nice LSG decided to chose one more fan for this activity.

NEXT – LSG is to pick a question from a board with was sticked with questions from the fan earlier (like the one at last year Samsung FM)

QUESTION: When do you think you are the happiest person?

LSG : So it is still the same?

MC: (LSG reply in Japanese) Repeated what LSG said. (MC was again very surprise that LSG can used this phrase).

LSG A: The time where I feel the most happy is when I’m with my fans.

NEXT – When LSG was away changing, there actually shown some scene from 2D1N. (I’m vey surprise that they actually shown 2D1N coz’ I thought this is BL promotion). Many of the fan only got to know LSG from BL so most of them were very surprise to see the other side of LSG.

NEXT – LSG sang two songs – Unfinished story & Will you marry me?

According to her, LSG has improved in his dancing and first part of Will you marry me was sang in Japanese. And according to her, his Japanese has really improve a lot.

NEXT – LSG chose the BEST3 for 2D1N and it was all the very funny scenes.

BEST3: When LSG helped Hodong to do the sit-up. (This ep. was after he recovered from H1N1)

BEST2: LSG was doing some push up before going into the water (I’ve seen it but can’t remember which ep.)

BEST1: The clock girl.

NEXT – they play the BBB games. There were 6 glasses of drink on stage.

MC: LSG do know what is the content of the drink?

LSG: He hesitated for a while, and finally said that he actually the organizer preparing it.  So he know what it was Soya sauce and cola. ( Such a honest boy who just don’t know how to tell lies) So when the six lucky fans were so reluctant to go up to the Stage.

LSG: The title of my next song is also my nickname : Smile boy. Because this is my first time singing it publicly I hope everyone of you will enjoy. (LSG looked quite happy that most of the fan knew this song).

For encore, he sang SMAP hit: “World’s only flower.”

Because it was LSG 6 year anniversary, the organizer also prepared a cake and message cards that were written by fans before the show. LSG promised that he will read every single card.

Lastly, it was the photo taking session. There were about 2000 fans. The photo was taken group by group and each group consists of 30 fans. 2 groups will on the stage at the same time. Because this fan was on the last group she was able to watch the whole session. After each photo taking, LSG will move to the back stage to wait for the next 2 group to come up so LSG has to make about 30 round back and forth. So you can imagine how tired he was. And yet when he came out he will be bowing and smiling to the fans.

This fan finished off by saying that don’t ever ever says that LSG has babyface. She said that we should now call him small face seung gi. She said that she has not met any guy with such a small and yes he is very, very handsome. His height and built is just perfect.

She has attended many FM before and yet this is the most satisfying one. Whenever, LSG was on stage, he will try his best to reach out to the fans from all corner of the theater so unlike the others.

(I hope you gals won’t be confused with my translation, I actually omitted quite a lot)


Fan Account 2…

(English summary: tryp96 @soompi)

Here are some tidbits from another fan account of the BL fan meeting. This is a Chinese fan who’s lived in Japan for 20 years, she took her 16-year-old daughter along, and they had front-row seats for the afternoon session. (Ahh, so envious! )

There were over 1500 fans there, and about 90% of them were ajummas. (I think I read a Chinese news article saying there were 2000 fans at each session.)

She said that SeungGi was singing so passionately, he was sweating like crazy when he was performing Let’s Go On Vacation and Smile Boy. The black t-shirt he was wearing was a little short, and when he raised his arm, there was some skin showing above his belt. She thinks SeungGi did it on purpose.

In addition to the different outfits for the 2 sessions, they also played different bok-bul-bok games. For the evening session it was the coke with soy sauce, but for the afternoon session, they used rice balls with wasabi. SeungGi was really worried about the fan who got the wasabi-filled rice ball, and asked her if she was okay. But the fan took it pretty well and finished the whole thing. SeungGi was amazed by Japanese people’s ability to eat wasabi.

One of the games was to recite lines from some of the classic scenes, including the kiss scene on the suspension bridge. This Chinese fan raised her hand and actually got picked by SeungGi. She recited it perfectly in Korean and really impressed SeungGi. He asked her if she was Japanese and how come her pronunciation was even better than his. But she answered that she was Chinese which surprised everyone. She even got an autographed BL DVD as a prize.

When it was time for Q&A, one fan asked SeungGi when he would cut his hair short again (like for the 3rd album) because he looked really good with short hair. SeungGi said that he would cut it short when he’s more confident about his face ( SeungGi yah, stop being so hard on yourself!) or when he enters military service. Then everyone got really quiet. (I don’t think the fans are quite ready for that yet. ) The MC then quickly changed topic.

In the very end, SeungGi said, “Today, you have shown me a lot of support and given me a lot of confidence, and I will never forget about this. Thank you all very much!”


SeungGi going to the army is too sad to even think about! True, but the fact that he publicly talks about doing military service only makes Koreans love him more!  Entertainers/celebs doing military service in Korea is a BIG deal and is expected no matter what.  It’s hard for celebs who never fulfill their service because even if they have some sort of waiver, most Koreans see it as them dodging a mandatory service that all guys in Korea have to and are expected to do.

More so, it’s a financial hit for the celebs since the army service is 2 years long and a lot of koreans feel like it’s unfair for celebs not to do their army service and rake in the money… Celebs are admired and embraced even more when they enlist in the army because of that.

Even though fans never want to see him gone from the public for 2 years… knowing Seunggi, he’ll make the best of those 2 years when the time comes.  And for fans, everyone knew that SeungGi would willingly do his required service when the time comes.

But so sad just even thinking about!  But that’s not for a while so no worries!

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  1. yea… i agreed… SeungGi being such a responsible and role model celeb would willingly fulfill his military service when the time comes…
    Anyway, 2 years are just too short for me to forget about how wonderful SeungGi is…
    i believe that it will only make us miss him even more during his absence~!! ^^

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