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LSG fan Lee Chung Yong scores Korea’s one goal

(cr: Samsung Zipel cafe)

Korea lost to Argentina 4-1 in Thursday’s world cup soccer game. boo hoo hoo.  But the world cup advertising and promotions are neverending… a good thing for LSG fans!  And another plus, despite Korea’s loss… the one goal scored by the Korean team came from soccer player (and LSG fan) Lee Chung Yong…

A few months ago, in a JES article interview, they did a short 50 question and answer with Lee Chung Yong and he was asked about which entertainers/celebs he liked…

Q32 – Entertainer that you like? 
Lee Chung Yong: Lee Seung Gi. Chung Yup (singer). Not really any female stars.

Smart guy.  Not only because he chose Seunggi but because  in an earlier question, when asked about his ideal type, he said his girlfriend is his ideal type and later he said he’s not that interested in any female celebs! LOL! 

And later when Seunggi and Yuna were interviewed for their KB Bank cf, the two were asked if there were any soccer players in particular they were rooting for and Yuna chose Park Ji Sung because he had rooted for her during the winter olympics and Seunggi chose Lee Chung Yong saying he was really suprised and happy to be mentioned by athlete Lee…

Seunggi probably felt even more complimented because soccer player Lee is similar in age.  Anyway, congrats to Lee Chung Yong for letting our team not go down with zero points!  And as mentioned, the world cup advertising is EVERYWHERE!!!

Here’s SeungGi and soccer team captain Park Ji Sung for Kolon fashion…

And more ad and BTS photos of Korea’s darlings for KB Bank…

Read that Seunggi-Yuna’s KB world cup Smile Boy song/cf is getting lots of play on SBS throughout the world cup games… which is great since the tv ratings for the soccer game broadcasts have been pretty good, with the actual games in which Korea was playing had over 50% ratings for both games! 

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5 Responses

  1. Bad luck concerning Argentina! Thought this little song might cheer you up http://www.peermusic.com/ecard/theladdz.html

  2. last nite, we here at kuala lumpur malaysia, gathered together with the koreans and rooted for korea..all of us wearing red shirts to support korea…at first i quite disappointed when LCY kick in his own goal but after that luckily he gave back the cheers!!!

    Wondering if LSG watched the game yesterday…


    • it wasn’t lee chung yong who got the own-goal, that was park chu young. lee chung yong managed to get the 1 goal against argentina’s defense!

  3. His goal was so surprising! I was getting ready to leave for Half Time and GOAAALLL! He was just right there in the goalie’s face. LOL. would’ve been nice if there were other KOREAN goals after that T_T

  4. i don’t cosider it a loss for koria but it’s great coz koria is moving forward and if they keep the progress they r doing soon u’ll see what they r going to be

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