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June Tokyo fan meeting tickets on sale today

Seunggi’s holding another Japan fan meeting in Tokyo on June 13, 2010 at Nakano Sun Plaza, same place he held his Feb. 2010 fan meeting.  And on top of that, it looks like he’s holding 2 back to back fan meets on the same day, first at 2:00 and then at 6:30pm! 

Kind of crazy to be holding another fan meeting in the same place like only 4 months later, and also considering this will be his 4th fan meeting in Japan this year! And on top of that two fan meetings in the same day!  :) 

Anyway, tickets went on sale online today and according to fan accounts the server was down for an hour, and seems only open to select ppl or vips first.  I was trying to get on the Frau International fan meeting website earlier on and was wondering why the site wasn’t working for so long!  Didn’t realize the tix were going on sale today…

Some press photos from Tokyo fan meeting at the same place back in Feb 2010:

(photo credits: As labeled)

Feb 2010 Fan Meeting, Japanese news clip

(credit: tryp96)

See many more photos at leeseungiworld’s blog post links:

Photospam 1     

Photospam 2    

Photospam 3

Photospam 4

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