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Osaka fan meeting, KBSWorld, fancam & pix (4/11/10)

On April 11, 2010, Seunggi was in Osaka, Japan for his third Japan fan meeting this year.  Per earlier post, the event sold out in a few hours on the first day of ticketing.  It was held at the the very modern NHK Hall.

Back in February, he had a Tokyo fan meet and then did Brilliant Legacy promotions with HyoJoo in March.  And Seunggi’s still getting a lot of love in Japan!

Video links…

(All Videos: kengarmy; uao@soompi)

LSG enters to kick off the fan meet

Fans get settled in…

I’m really liking his outfit here, especially the black lace-up boots.

Per fan accounts, he sang, played games with fans, and took questions.  And supposedly, he said he’ll be singing an OST song for his upcoming Kdrama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho soundtrack!

And of course he shook hands with everyone…

And in some cases, hugged fans who refused just a handshake!

And what’s a fan event without some accessories, right?  Some postcard size photos… loving the white suit shots!  And usually don’t like any sort of sailor outfit getups, but really liking the look in that photo.

And this looks like a poster?  The event was also sponsored by KBS World so a lot of 1n2d shoutouts.  Hook did a good job of putting this poster together; looks kind of like a scrapbook album… cute.

And PD Na from 1n2d was there!

Not sure why he was actually there aside from this being a KBS sponsored event.  Curious to know what he said.

Message from the 1n2d hyungs!

SEE more photos at uao@soompi’s facebook photo album.
(Thx a bunch Yuuki for letting me post your photos and videos here!!!!)

According to fan accounts, he sang 6 songs:  Because You’re my Woman; Unfinished Story, Love Taught Me to Drink, Just Once More, Let’s Go on Vacation, and Will you Marry Me (first verse in Japanese).  Video links…

Will you marry me (1st verse in Japanese)

Unfinished Story

Love taught me to drink

Hope to see some news in the Japanese and Korean press outlets.  Come on Hook, don’t forget the importance of timeliness in press releases!

(Images: DClsg, uao@soompi, tryp96)

One Response

  1. Thank you Ann and kengarmy.
    Ann don’t expect anything from Hook.
    As always we should count on the fan.

    By the way did kengarmy mention anything about press con., like first time(Wish Fan Meeting in Feb), he had press con before the meeting, right? What about this time, did he have it?

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